Chicago Thuggery

The Chicago Way

The Chicago thugs that control the McCormick Place Convention Center observed my work for four years as I invented, marketed, developed procedures, added services, and earned and built a loyal customer base.

My financial, intellectual, and long-term, intense work investment and top quality work convinced all major trade shows that they needed a business center. At that point it was time for the Chicago thugs that run McCormick Place to take over my business. So, they stole it. They simply, in their own words, “locked me out” of McCormick Place. They consider McCormick Place their building. That is how they refer to it. It was a total takeover of the business that I had invented, marketed, implemented, and operated more successfully month by month.

They physically prevented me from entering and competing inside McCormick Place. They demanded that organizations producing trade shows use their business centers instead of using my company. The Chicago thugs that run McCormick Place usurped my success. They stole my business. Click here to read a case study on “Union Thuggery & The Chicago Way With Comment On The New Washington Way”.

The following excerpts are from City Journal, entitled “The Second-Rate City?” by Aaron M. Renn. The entire story may be read here: “Chief Executive [magazine] ranked Illinois 48th on its list of best states in which to do business.” “Chicago’s notorious corruption interferes with attempts to fix things. Since 1970, 340 officials in Chicago and Cook County have been convicted of corruption. So have three governors. The corruption has been bipartisan: both Governor George Ryan, a Republican, and Governor Rod Blagojevich, a Democrat, are currently in federal prison. A recent study named Chicago the most corrupt city in the United States.” “But an even greater problem than outright corruption is Chicago’s culture of clout, a system of personal loyalty and influence radiating from city hall. Influencing the mayor, and influencing the operatives on down the line, is how you get things done.” That applies to McCormick Place — Where Chicago Thugs Are Free To Do What They Do Best

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