The tone and spirit of this site has changed since Obama rode into power in the Trojan Horse.

He has exposed himself as the radical, American-hating person he is. Prior to his successful coup d’état, this site observed world events and people’s reactions. It then wrote in a positive, non-trivial manner about where each and all of us may be headed. This site presented mild humor mixed with an optimistic outlook. In 2009 the Obama regime implemented what Obama himself had announced as his plan to “…fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

Since then, this site has been less cheerful, less optimistic, less hopeful. Reduced positivism is always a consequence of socialism, communism, and fascism.

History verifies this fact in all cases for all peoples whether in Europe, the Soviet Union, North Korea, East Germany, and everywhere communism has been forced upon once-free people.

Today the force that is attempting to fundamentally transform the USA is a force of evil that uses appointees, minions, and especially the natural trust embodied in most Americans, to carry out Obama’s fundamental transformation plan.

The American people are poised to peacefully remove evil from its stronghold known as the US Presidency. Obama abused his opportunity to lead the USA. America entrusted America to Obama. In return he has used America’s great powers to diminish, belittle, damage, and to, just as said in 2008, fundamentally transform The United States of America.

The USA will survive its current trauma… and Americans will regain their optimism.

America has survived Obama. His divisive evil, his suppression of economic growth and development, his infliction of socialism, his anti-Americanism, and all he has wrought upon America and all Americans, will dissolve and be washed away.

Obama and his remnants will dissolve away because this is America. This is The United States Of America, owned & operated by lawful, Constitution abiding Americans.

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