Schrinos, & RINOs

The only thing that matters in the aftermath of the US presidential election is that President Trump is a patriot, a successful negotiator, and comprehends that it is best, and feels great, to win. He also knows that to lose is to be a failure.
On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump started his run for the US Presidency.
Trump did all that was necessary, including spending a large amount of money — his own earned, after-tax profit.
Trump applied his experience, his skills, and worked tirelessly. Donald Trump literally EARNED the position that he set out to win.


During the first five days following his election, then President-elect Trump ameliorated rough feelings between the US and Russia. Those blockages had been implanted by the previous US administration. Also, Trump established a communication link to further US-Russian cooperation which had been disrupted by the outgoing US administration. Traditional US allies, after having been shunned for years by the outgoing administration, contacted Trump informing him of their desire to return to cooperation mode. Trump will endeavor to stop domestic communists, socialists, fanatic and maniacal feminists, psychotic controlling overseers, corrupt self-anointed non-scientists promoting causes such as MMGW, and other anti-Americans.

President Trump will not be able to stop all of the global garbage from achieving some success. He will be able to disable their well-promoted, unfettered influence from being applied to ignorant, gullible, stupid, non-productive Americans. These American losers will begin to lose their ability to passively go along with, thereby blindly supporting, those forces of evil.


Nearly instantly, that is, one week after winning election, and over two-months before receiving power, Trump effectively changed the world, and US domestic politics, culture, and the lifted the spirit of the American people.
Trump will do either 100% of what he promised, 0% of what he promised, or some amount in between. Whatever he accomplishes, the United States of America is vastly and solidly improved over the failing nation that it had been transformed into over the last 28 years.

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