You won’t understand this.

You have demonstrated your inability to understand.

Why would you waste your oh-so-precious time reading this?

The USA is broke. It owes so much debt and interest that it will require several decades of genuine prosperity for it to pay off its debt and interest obligations.
When interest rates go up — which they will — the US government will not only be broke but it will not be able to pay the interest payments on its current debt or be able to borrow additional money.

You know that you are entitled to the entitlements that the US government has promised because you have been told that you are special. The US government has promised.

Who do you expect to pay you the money that you know you are entitled to?
The time is quickly approaching when the government will not be able to provide entitlements it has promised. The government will not have the money to provide so much that you know it owes you.

Even so, you may still believe you are entitled. You may know that the government owes you and you will make demands.

However, the day is approaching when the government will simply tell you with a cold, apologetic stare in a phony, emotionalized tone that it can no longer provide your entitlements.

You will continue to believe that your are entitled.

At that time you will observe that government officials and politicians continuing receiving salaries and entitlements. They will claim this to be only fair since they operate the government for your benefit.

You will be entitled to not understand this situation. When these facts come into confluence and change your life you will argue that you remain entitled as your government promised.

However your argument and beliefs will not matter. Your government will not have money to pay you. Your government will disavow all responsibility to provide for you. At that point you will learn what it means to be self-sufficient…. Or you will not survive.

Then your question may be, “Am I entitled to a government funeral?”.

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