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Be Proud — You Are Strong

Never Despair, American Warriors

You have earned the pride that you should have in yourself. You have demonstrated your courage and strength.

These years are deadly for members of America’s military forces since the government began tallying military suicides in 1980. America’s warriors are killing themselves in record numbers:

Hundreds US warriors commit suicide each year — after protecting America & all Americans.

Attention, America’s warriors: You have no cause to despair. You have cause to be proud of yourself, your service, and your America. Pause to consider.

As you pause, consider your service. Do not demean your good fight against evil. You have defended your country. You have exhibited stoic strength, honor, and faith in your nation. Consider the nature of people.

When, by a chance of our time’s politics and culture, deplorable fringe elements conspire to dishearten honorable warriors, those warriors must apply lessons learned in battle. Warriors should consider why they went to war, why they endured enemy action, why they have earned the right to return home to the safe and secure Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. All of that applies to you because you fought to keep the United States of America safe and secure.

The United States of America is safer, stronger, and more secure due to your sacrifices. Today’s warriors are earning through their investment of all that any American has — his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. We each have freedom, safety, and Constitutionally-guaranteed inalienable rights. However these rights are only as solidly guaranteed as is our nation strong.

Today’s warriors are ensuring and preserving the enduring strength of the United States of America.

America’s domestic enemies want to break your confidence. They work to demean your accomplishments. America’s domestic enemies want to diminish your efforts.
Today American warriors should comprehend that there has come about a set of circumstances that granted a fringe from America’s domestic enemies and traitors control of her government. This condition is being largely resisted by Americans using America’s strength and her potent tool — The US Constitution and the people’s rights guaranteed therein. America’s domestic enemies will not succeed over the long term. Their attempted fundamental transformation of the United States of America into a socialistic command system will fail.

No soldier, sailor, Marine, Coast Guard, Special Ops, Air Force, silent fighter, or other American warrior should despair when he witnesses domestic enemies attempting to deceive the mass of our civilian citizens into surrendering the rights and liberty that you have sacrificed to ensure.

American warriors should be confident that freedom must be tenaciously fought for — sometimes on foreign soil and, strangely enough, today on American soil.
Each American warrior should for his own sense of justice comprehend that the vast majority of Americans rally — although often too quietly — behind them rather than standing tall with them. But America’s warriors should never despair. They continue to be essential and will continue to wage the honorable fight in foreign lands and on American soil defending America and Americans’ rights, liberty, and safety.

America needs her warriors to continue defending and securing America from foreign dangers and from domestic spoilers. America needs all of her warriors to return home and continue to serve America by serving themselves a grand portion of the free life they fought to preserve.

America cannot afford to lose even one of her warriors directly in battle or to the sometimes-natural despair that befalls individual warriors. America’s warriors must fight and defend themselves from defeatism engendered by overly empowered despicable, deplorable domestic forces of evil that deceitfully endeavor to undermine the good these warriors have accomplished.

You, American warriors, are the very special Americans who had the courage, conviction, and conscience to sacrifice for the America you know to be worthy of your sacrifice.

Hold on tight to America. Americans are holding on tightly to you in your time of trial.

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