The grocery store was not devoid of customers early in the morning. However there were fewer disgusting people than there would be in the next hours. But still were several. More meaningful than the several is the point that the disgusting people makeup 100% of all shoppers and employees.

There were no people — neither shoppers nor employees — who appeared to care enough about their appearances enough to clean up and dress appropriately.

After a scan of the entire store, a rational person wonders what is appropriate nowadays?

It is not conceivable that each and every woman and man can apparently go to extra lengths to make themselves appear dirty, messy, unkempt, and in need of a bath. From their hair to their faded T-shirts to their ripped pants to their dirty athletic shoes to the sloppy juxtaposition of the component clothing items, there is not a clean aspect to any of them…. Enough of the clothing talk.

Then there are the women standing in line while having their merchandise checked out. They stand squishing a cell phone between their ear and shoulder, paying and jabbering. They become locked, one with their cell phones. During the entire checkout process they never pause their jabbering or end the call. They just continue to lecture some fool who may — or may not — be listening on the other end. To enhance their grocery store grandstanding theatrics, they talk extra loudly.

When the check out process is completed, they announce to the checker and other customers that they “apologize for being on the phone all this time but they have kids and/or husband and/or friends who must be handled immediately”. They continue cell jabbering as they start to push their carts brimming with superfluous merchandise out to their minivans and SUVs.

Are they each and all so insecure that they feel empowered in their tiny minds when they appear to be discussing important stuff that absolutely cannot wait lest the sun cease to exist?

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