Unintended Or Intended? It Depends.

Intended Consequences

Regardless of the motivation, most Americans will never have any idea of Chief Justice Roberts’ thinking, political priorities, logic, or purposes regarding his Obamacare decision.

The only thing that Americans need to consider is that the country must be taken back from the socialists, communists, megalomaniacs, and fascists. This project must have their highest priority. This is the only means left to restore the rule of law and restore the nation’s Constitutional integrity and liberty. Our goal will be reached when Americans recover control of the presidency, Senate, and maintain control of the House.

If anything, the Obamacare decision appears to inflict intense broad-based pain and angst across most elements of the electorate. It appears to have the potency to awaken people to vote to restore the presidency and Congress to Republican control.  If Obamacare causes this to happen, the Supreme Court made a good decision in this narrowed, non-constitutional sense. Its decision then will be labeled good because from that point on the people can endeavor to restore judicial and legislative interpretation of the Constitution.

Without control of the presidency and Congress in 2012, the Constitution will be disregarded and of no significance.

The Constitution will not be a factor in future legislation. Leftists of all sorts, including Progressives, socialists, communists, disregard the Constitution and its derived laws. Consider that, if this decision would have stamped Obamacare as not Constitutional, and if the presidency and Senate were to remain controlled as it is for the next several years, the Constitution would be disregarded and abused forever.

A second Obama term afforded the the Senate minor mods of Obamacare with sneaky small changes to make it appear constitutional.

America’s plan must be: Defeat Democrats/Socialists/Communists.
Defeat Republicans.
Maintain eternal vigil over all politicians. Fight for term limits for both chambers of the US Congress.

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