Understanding Narcissists

They are narcissists because they lack confidence in themselves. If they had confidence, they would be capitalists.

You may — you really should — have wondered why there are so many Americans who appear to support the dismantling of capitalism and act as though they are willing to live under socialism. These curious creatures are those Americans who continue to support Obama and his band of control freak czars, cabinet appointees, and bureaucrats.

When you open your eyes you frequently observe these narcissists — the overly self-involved — in today’s America. Just look in your rear view mirror while driving to see that self-important jerk right on your bumper trying to pass on the left or right. Check out the streets for the narcissistic pseudo-athletes running, stretching against lampposts, working out at the gyms, and being beautified at the spas.

When you listen to them, frequently you hear them speak in abruptly fast gibberish. They speak using insecure upspeak intended to distract the listener from their implicitly acknowledged nonsense. These fast talkers are lost in their fears and ignorance. They realize that they should know at least something of what they speak, but know that they don’t. Hence they make sounds similar to words, form sentences of incoherent phrases, and hope that the listener fails to ask them to explain exactly what they meant.

Today’s self-involved nasalize their voices hoping to sound so harsh that no one will listen or analyze their gibberish. Their normal attire is a consistent simplicity of messy T-shirts, torn jeans, dirty shoes (rarely leather). Their dirty appearance may be complimented by a scruffy, orifice-surrounding beard. They live in messy homes. They drive homely, undesirable cars often strewn with discarded personal effects.

Today’s narcissists pretend to care for causes with a religious fervor to an extreme that only desperate losers employ. They show emotional concern for politically correct contrivances such as the environment, failing species, and Mother Earth’s limited natural resources.

Today’s narcissists are under great pressure. They sense that they are losing the battles that they supported because their so-called leaders from Al Gore to BO are only so-called leaders.

The problem is that their causes are sophistic, illogical, and unfounded. The environment they fret over is massive and stable. It will survive by evolving in spite of the environmentalists. Endangered species will either become extinct or survive according to nature’s laws. Diminishing natural resources will be supplanted through technological advances.

Today’s narcissistic Americans envy successful Americans. They despise self-made, prosperous Americans who have made themselves special through their own efforts and without government assistance. Those envious of successful Americans realize that they are not adequate and cannot ever achieve in the ways that successful capitalists have and will continue to succeed.

In order to dismantle America and inflict pain upon successful Americans, the narcissist America haters work to empower the state. They know that an empowered state will punish successful American capitalists. They know that an overly-empowered state will enact confiscatory taxes and hardships upon successful Americans. Supremely, they know that an overly-empowered state will work to damage successful white males who are the personification of the United States of America and its 230 years of success.

Today’s America-hating narcissists suffer the fallacies that have developed and recently surged in short-sighted support for Obama. The envy they have toward successful American capitalists can only lead to the failure of today’s American narcissists.

Those narcissists fail to understand that the empowered state that they tacitly support through Obama can only survive as long as it is nurtured in the sea of capitalism known as the United States of America.

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