Selfish Us

Tolerance for free loaders has reached zero. Generous, kindly, forgiving nature has been overwhelmed and has collapsed.

I am totally devoid of tolerance of those who reap massive rewards from capitalism, live free and safe in America, yet fail to comprehend that the only reason they are so blessed is that tens-of-millions of Americans have for over 200 years fought,died, and strained to their deaths so that these under-educated juveniles can live more comfortable and secure than they have any right to.
If their choice, a socialist is re-elected I should enjoy watching as these self satisfied, non-thinkers suddenly find themselves without that too-large automatic deposit every two weeks.

Business activity will dry up. These juveniles who put him in office will be forced to pay for the entitlements he mandates as part of his redistribution plan. They will pay for decades. Yet, when they are older and look to collect their benefits, the entitlement systems will be bankrupt and devoid of money for them.

Many generations of Americans had no such entitlements as those that fall upon these people. They think they have earned all that they receive. That is not correct. If they are earning well today, it is because they have positioned themselves well within the capitalistic machine. Each of their positions is fair game for the socialists in power.

They are standing by watching while the socialists focus upon today’s CEOs and other successful people in quest of reducing them to rubble by stopping and even clawing back their earnings. Today’s juvenile non-thinkers should consider the poem declaring yesterday they came for those, today they come for yet more, tomorrow they come for me.

Speaking of start up ventures running out of cash, many businesses have to struggle to survive before finding success. Many entrepreneurs have used up all of their credit cards’ credit. They must turn to other means of sustaining their ventures.

Many wish that they had had spouses or friends who were as over paid as many are today. Perhaps their salaries would have sustained their life styles and provided assistance for their businesses. Those who have not participated in ventures that struggle will never ever understand the beauty of capitalism and the ugliness of socialism. They will not need to even consider the possibility of not voting for socialists.

Today’s young know-it-alls and the over-paid elites will have no troubles unless current political forces are further empowered. THEN they may be forced to learn the econ 101 that they should have learned in school and contemplated over the last three years.

It will be interesting to observe these non-thinking, over-paid people as they try to survive the next Great Depression, a product of ill-advised economic policies.

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