Self Liberation

Self Liberation Makes The Best Liberation Day

One Man’s Self-Liberation. His Thoughts Are Provocative.

About Building A Dungeon For Oneself

Many people incarcerate themselves for reasons only vaguely known to themselves until it is too late. They rashly build a dungeon, jump in, and flail.
Horrific enough alone is any dungeon, but when inhabited with a characterless spouse, a dungeon is a desperate emptiness devoid of productivity. With no productivity, there can be no happiness. With no happiness, there can be no satisfaction. With no satisfaction, there can be no friendship. With no friendship in the dungeon, life is not worthy of its regular efforts.

Not many people are able to liberate themselves from the dungeon that has been voluntarily entered. Few people have the guts to liberate themselves from such confinement. Most people simply muddle through life in quiet, self-imposed, passive desperation. Sometimes they punctuate their desperation with loud exasperation.

Why Might People Voluntarily Build Dungeons For Themselves?

Because people misjudge their personal needs and life goals. People fail to understand that other people’s character counts when allowing a spouse to become a life-long partner. Many ordinary people are not prepared to be a spouse, thereby failing to comprehend the substantive meaning of “partner.”

When these failures come into confluence, a mismatch results. This mismatch can be dreadful when one person of a team of two has totally different definitions of partner. When that person has a weak character, the relationship is poison.

When character is non-existent in a person, that person is unable to comprehend and operate as a partner. That person will never be a partner, only a taker within a one-way relationship.

There comes a point in a relationship which has no Valentine’s Days, especially on the best Valentines Days, those days other than February 14, when the partner of character and positive goals must eject from the poisoned context of the destructive relationship.

How Can A Person Avoid His Self-made Dungeon?

The operative question in life is, “How might one avoid misjudging a potential mate and himself in order to avoid building a dungeon and condemning himself to potential life-long emptiness and long term failure of productive capabilities?”

Experience and contemplation teach that the answer lies beyond examination of parents and friends of the potential partner. Insights can be gained by examining the relationships between the potential partner, parents, and friends.

In that examination, each individual may appear in various contexts to have character. However, if these individuals’ inter-relationships are not normal, one or more of the individuals is necessarily flawed and prepared for little more than a life of failures. For example, if parents and their child appear individually to meet character tests, yet their inter-relationships are incomplete, it is likely the child is flawed. The child’s flaw may be of the sort identified by the old saw, “The shoemaker’s daughter has no shoes.”

Critically, the lack of shoes may be easily remedied. However, the lack of character cannot be remedied — or ever to any noticeable degree, developed.

There comes a time when in the course of dungeon living, a person of character must extricate himself or accept — very, very, very quietly — his life is an existence of failure. He must acknowledge that he will never reach his potential. That he will always be a failure unless he extricates himself alone with no one’s assistance.

That time will be on a specific day. That day may be February 14.

No matter what day on the calendar, Liberation Day is always to be celebrated. It is to celebrated with extra effort applied by the liberated. He must ensure that he becomes more than he already has become, or his liberation was for naught.

Happy Liberation Day to all who earn it by actively enhancing a cooperative partnership.

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