Trump’s Bull Market Will Be Driven By Americanism

President Reagan took office in early 1981.
In 1973, the Arab oil producing nations attacked Western Civilization. They used a contrived oil shortage to extort and impede Western Civilization.
This attack was not handled appropriately by America’s weak leadership. It was handled as ineffectually as was the 9/11 attack upon America. In 1973, the Arab nations implemented their war against Western Civilization using an army, euphemistically known as OPEC, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.
Due to American and other industrialized nations’ lack of resistance to the Arab oil shock attack, Western Civilization’s nations and the global economy faltered. Inflation was ignited. Business and financial markets were in disarray by the mid-1970s.
Iranian revolutionaries took control of Iran. They humiliated America by invading its embassy in Tehran and holding nearly all employees hostage. The hostage situation continued for 444 days. It was ended due to negotiations between Reagan and the Iranians resulting in the freeing of all hostages on the day Reagan was sworn in. This lifted American moral and initiated American optimism. The American people started the beginning of their recovery.
Within those geo-political, economic, social contexts, even the American society was disrupted and weakened.
However, it was not until August of 1982, over 1-1/2 years, before Reagan’s changes and optimism combined to restart American business and societal structures. Only after some time could the Reagan bull market start.
The Reagan bull market was empowered by Reagonomics’ tax cuts and optimism. These permitted America to return to work. Reagan’s bull market was so potent that it survived until 2007.
There will be another climate of American optimism produced by the optimistic and capitalistic environment established by the Trump Presidency.
The question for investors is:  How long will America require to recover from the disruptions implanted by President Bill Clinton (NAFTA, repeal of Glass-Steagall Act, amoral behavior, and fueling the huge housing bubble which imploded in 2008), and the inept handling of the quasi-military 9/11 attacks and terrorism by President George W. Bush, which empowered the divisive, socialist, anti-Americanism of President B. H. Obama?

A smart person should be optimistic for America, Americans, the US economy, and for all civil segments of American society.
A wise person will pause to observe events. Then he will put them in the Reagan years’ context, update that perspective into the current context, and invest. He will not be the first investor. But he will invest when he realizes that Big Money has already started a powerful long-term, upward move.
It will — as always — be wiser to buy into the midst of the next burst of capitalism and miss a portion of potential profits, than to buy prematurely and into a short-lived, failed burst of capitalism.

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