Oh, WOW! What A Man!

Decades ago a man came home after a hard day’s work at the office, factory, or construction site, he cleaned up, and, if he were going out with the missus, he shaved. Often times he shaved just to look his best while staying home with his family.

He, being a man who wanted to look his best and enjoyed self respect, knew that his 5-o’clock shadow would make him appear scruffy. Therefore a man shaved off his beard.

Then he dressed for a pleasant evening at home or out with his lady, whom he at least appeared to care for. Looking his best demonstrated that he, obviously a man, respected his better half, as well as the event and friends he was spending the evening with.

Today a male comes home from a soft day spent with coworkers who, like he, fail to respect their employer, care little about the caliber of their work product, and judge themselves by irrelevant but dark criteria.

After work today’s male may wash up. He may even change his clothes into something more messy… casual, in his vernacular. But, for certain, he will not shave off his 5-o’clock shadow. His shadowy beard is his badge.

Today’s male needs his 5-o’clock shadow. It demonstrates that, contrary to his overall demeanor, contrary to his mannerisms, contrary to the way he is treated by his wife or girl friend, he actually IS a man.

His manliness is demonstrated not by those other aspects, but because implicitly only a real man could grow a beard, even his patchy, shadowy scruffiness.
Never mind that his wife or girl friend has more facial hair. Never mind that she is tougher than her male companion. She exposes her real self as she tosses down her fourth bottle of beer straight from the bottle unto her scruffy face.

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