Obamacare — It Was Never About Healthcare

The most magnificent & wonderful unintended consequence: Obamacare.

The Obama administration’s reckless disregard, this so-called Obamacare, will cause its downfall.

However, Obama and his minions are so devious that their means are usually shadowed.  They are so incompetent that their methods often result in unintended consequences.


Implementation of Obamacare demonstrates that illogical, lobbyist-inspired legislation hammered into a bill and passed into law by mandate of a few legislators who know nothing about business operations and functions, cannot become good law.

This product of the socialists who deemed to transform one-sixth of the American economy is a failure. The more exposure and analysis Obamacare receives, the more it is seen as not operational or implementable.

Obamacare’s failure is not about the details of a poorly-designed web site. Even a large web site can be modified or scrapped and replaced. However the Obamacare web site is a manifestation of underlying illogical and conflicting mandates that has been codified into law. Obamacare’s failure is of procedures stemming from law that was designed and programmed into the web site. Obamacare’s failure is of the law that was shoved into being by ideological, arrogant legislators who manifest a psychopathic motivation that guides their control freak actions.

Americans’ final savior is the logic demanded by computer circuits. Computers are displaying the failure of poorly-conceived procedures that flowed from ill-conceived law derived from the ideologically conceived 2,600 pages of legislation followed by thousands of pages of regulations.

Were Obamacare a completely manual system, bureaucrats in offices across the nation would be demanding and imposing impossible concessions and costs upon Americans in order that they win health insurance.


Socialism sounds lovely and sweet to the control freaks who demand wealth redistribution in order to build their Utopian flat world where everyone suffers equally. However, human action ensures that the methodology closest to maximizing success for the most individuals is capitalism.


Obama’s ideology and plans to fundamentally transform the United States of America received his top priority.

Obama’s overreach is on display and is the unintended consequence of his failure as a leader and president.


Obamacare was never about healthcare. It was always about the takeover of one-sixth of the US economy & the resulting control of all Americans.

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