Not Over Here

Then Over There. Now Over Here

Attention all you anti-American Americans, you haters of the United States of America, you socialists, you fascists, you who fail to have the guts to attempt to make it in a fair, competitive capitalistic economic environment wherein your skills and fortitude will be tested….  Attention you who undermine America and abuse its goodness, generosity, intellectual and economic accomplishments….  Attention you traitorous weaklings….

You have had the privilege to be born or somehow due to the open generosity of America, assumed the rights and privileges of citizenship.  You have endeavored to abuse the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and educational and political system to get far enough along in society, to develop physically strong enough, to gain enough status, to use your rights and acquired resources from the USA to now be empowered to attempt the undermining of the USA.

You can only fail in your damaging, destructive wishes and efforts for the United States of America.

Any damage you inflict will result in there being less for you and others like you to take — steal, that is — from America and the good and generous Americans who worked to build the resources available for you.  We have overlooked and tolerated your traitorous behavior for too long.

When today’s Great Civil War is ended the United States of America will be cleansed of your sort of traitors.  Certainly all good, decent Americans, operating in our optimism, expect and know that you will lose.

If by chance, in our American decency, we fail to muster enough venom to defeat you traitorous sorts, you will be left a nation that is not a nation.  You will fight on among yourselves for diminishing resources.  You will live amongst nasty co-conspirators, jealous cohorts, envious friends, and others who would never want to operate with you according to rules of decency, fairness, and open opportunity.  You will live among only those who will never give you the opportunities that the USA made available too freely and readily for your consumption.

When Irving Berlin wrote the song “Over There”, when the Japanese sneak-attacked Pearl Harbor, when maniacal fanatics attempted to damage America on 9/11, worthy Americans stood up and rallied. True Americans rallied and banded together in traditional American team spirit to defeat the dark forces of imperialism, despotism, and destructive ideology.

Worthy Americans continue to stand up and rally on the American Team. We rally against those would-be foreign destroyers and you would-be domestic destroyers.
You cannot win America from Americans. Your efforts will end in your own destruction because you are losers, you are not team players, and you will eventually rot among yourselves into a poverty of moral and ethical destitution.

We true Americans who remain true to our Constitution and successful heritage will survive to live, make progress, and prosper…  and attain genuine happiness.

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