McDonalds — A Display

My Last Trip To McDonalds

No, I did not actually trip and it was not my last visit to McDonalds. There is no way I will stop enjoying those fantastic double cheeseburgers, really great tasting fish sandwiches, and super-duper egg McMuffins.

But today, just as I have several times over recent years, when ordering I felt compelled to make a recommendation in a soft-spoken, non-embarrassing manner to the Hispanic person “serving”. I suggested that she speak English rather than Spanish.

Usually when I have done this I include some comments alluding to the noteworthy point that English is the language of Shakespeare, Newton, and NASA. Even Einstein learned English amidst his revelations about atoms and the universe.
However, the only English spoken from behind the counter was, “I ain’t seen him”. To her credit, my order-taker did say, “$24.53” and “Thank you”.

Some minutes later I was handed a bag. I then did what I have learned to do in these situations. I proceeded to inventory all items in the bag to be certain that I received the eight (ocho) egg McMuffins as specified in my order — the order I placed in English.

I noticed that five of the ocho were merely partially wrapped; that is, unwrapped in the English sense. This sloppiness left them uncovered and bumping into each other nakedly! I asked to speak with the manager who happened to be twenty feet away eating her very own egg McMuffin. She was apologetic and immediately started yelling to the staff something about something. I was not able to understand any of what she said since she was shouting in Spanish.

The world is a little better off for my having visited McDonalds today.

As I drove home looking forward to enjoying my excellent breakfast, I pondered an important fact. That is, to apply the only lesson needed to understand people in these situations. To learn what they are capable of achieving, simply look to their homeland, its conditions, and prosperity level.

Many people today have the initiative to get up and out and leave for America. However, they remain ignorant, lazy, and passively plan to stay that way, even though they reached America’s shores. They implicitly feel that they crossed the finish line and have completed their journey. They give little thought to upgrading themselves. If that were not true, why wouldn’t they continually practice speaking English like Shakespeare, Newton, Einstein, and the millions of other wildly successfully immigrants before them?

I recall the days when people came to America, very quickly learned correct English with no accent, sent their kids to school, and thanked God for the opportunity to live in America.

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