Losing Until Lost

As long as Americans continue to battle faction by faction among themselves, arguing over who has rights, who should pay for whom, and whose feelings were hurt over some idiot’s comment, glance, or name calling, America will continue to decline.

There will be nowhere for Americans to hide because America will have declined beyond a recoverable point. America’s economy, living standards, personal safety, and its citizen’s ability to make progress and earn a good living on their own will be less than today.

Americans will cower and cringe in securitized homes in decaying cities and suburbs, live lives filled with anxiety and uncertainty, work in unstable and unpredictable businesses.

Americans, to see your future, consider the actions of your US Congress. Picture the lines of impotent, innocent travelers wasting time waiting to be searched at airports. Consider the abandoned, decayed, dirtied cities with their drug cultures of no work and handouts. Search your workplace for a cooperative, competent worker.

Destructive trends are in place.

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