Flag Desecration & Those Who Desecrate

Flag Desecration Is Not Illegal In America

In 2001, Bill Ayers’ wrote a book which he took credit for. It displayed him standing on an American flag. He presented himself as the domestic terrorist Bill Ayers has lived his wealthy-at-birth life. Yes, he was born into American prosperity and despises America and American capitalism. A Missouri-based federal judge declared a state law that criminalized flag desecration unconstitutional. A veteran and member of a Missouri American Legion post declared the act “stupid”.

This court’s decision is wise and correct under the US Constitution and the American Way.

If a flag burner can be prevented from this action, or if his action is criminalized, then potentially anything anyone does may someday be criminalized.
No American should want any of his actions — which will not cause harm to others — to be criminalized. Therefore all Americans must permit others’ actions, stupid or wise.

Certainly the American Legion veteran who called the act “stupid” was correct. What nation would anyone prefer to live in?  Where throughout history has a people been more free, more safe, and been provided more opportunity than in the United States of America?

Flag desecration as identified in this case does not damage the USA. It actually strengthens the nation because it is so extremely repulsive, disruptive, and upsetting to any true American that the act antagonizes any patriotic American into a clearly focused, enlightened, and emotionalized patriotism.

As John Stuart Mill declared, each man is fully free to do whatever he may choose to do so long as that act or its results do not infringe upon or damage other people’s rights and safety.

The act of flag desecration does not hurt the USA, its citizens, or any individual. It certainly offends some people. But what a wonderful tool flag desecration is when used to discover who is “stupid”, hates the USA, is deranged, or wants to do harm to the USA and Americans. Patriotic Americans should take sharp notice of any American flag desecration.

What a powerful teaching tool flag desecration can be. How better to teach young minds the spirit of patriotism? How better to start a conversation of what it means to be an American? Flag desecration is tangible. It can be felt by young people and may, with the appropriate teaching, directly and indelibly impress their minds.

Consider the emotions we feel when observing foreigners burning our flag. We know exactly what their opinion of the USA is. As patriotic individuals we should use this information to deal with motives of the desecrating group. For example, after witnessing events in Egypt over the last decades, should the USA borrow money from somewhere such as China in order to give it to Egypt so that Egypt can buy armaments to use against its people, Israel, and other US allies?

Does anyone doubt what Bill Ayers thinks of the USA? He has stated and demonstrated his hatreds of America for over 40 years. He has desecrated the flag and murdered with impunity. Therefore, should anyone doubt how his associates feel about the USA? Of course not. Patriotic Americans should fear his potency and many substantive successes.

The fact that too many Americans do not fear Ayers or those who associate with him, exemplifies America’s big problem today. Ayers’ actions and words should have been warning enough. The fact that they were not, is our serious, long-term problem.

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