Every American

Each and every American, whether American-born or naturalized, has been guaranteed all rights and the liberty to build himself into any type of success he chooses.

He is protected and guaranteed all rights and liberty by the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and innumerable legal precedents that confirm and reconfirm those guaranteed rights and liberty.

Any American who complains, whines, demands more, or lectures to others about not having yet achieved a deserved level of success, is merely demonstrating his own ineffectual capabilities. Anyone who complains that America is not yet an equal opportunity society is self-promoting at the expense of other Americans.

Any American who accepts today’s complaining and whining, whether from a successful individual or unsuccessful, street screaming radical, is simply looking to take more than his fair share from America without contributing his fair share.

Each complainer and whiner should shut up, direct his energy, meager as it may be, toward achieving something meaningful rather than distracting others from their potential and endeavoring to destroy the reality of the American dream.

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