Easy Money Or Risk

As you deposit your paycheck, take a look at the entity that is handing you its money, that is, wrote this check to you. The source of your check has arranged for that money to become your money.

Is the source of your check one of those for-profit corporations? If so, you should be grateful that that corporation was started by an entrepreneur, developed into a successful business, tolerates your shenanigans, and pays you in spite of your shortcomings and lack of ability.

Or is your check written by a business that you started? If so, you should be grateful that you have been fortunate, skilled, had assistance from coworkers, and survived well enough to have money left over after expenses to pay to you.

Or is your check from a business that took risk? Did this business invest in another business, in a farm, in the stock or bond of a company? Did this business risk its capital — money, that is — in order to provide another business or an entrepreneur the opportunity to prove his skills, product or service, and test its good fortune?

If risk was involved, this business deserves to pay a lower tax rate than you pay.
The risk that won a profit required wisdom to select a good risk, the fortitude to stick with a growing risk, and the knowledge of how to cash in on that risk with a profit. The risk of risk is that there may be no profit. There may never be any money returned to the risk taker. Every dollar invested could be lost. The risk taker can lose everything he put at risk.

Summary:  Some risk earns reward. Government played little to no role in ameliorating that risk. Government deserves — has earned — little to no reward.
On the other hand, no risk salaries and wages that are paid regardless of being risk free, are rightfully subject to higher rates of taxation.

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