America’s Un-Dear Leader

As you read the following description, please ask yourself, “Who does this remind me of?”

Psychopathy is a specific set of personality behavior characteristics and traits.
Giving off the appearance of charm, psychopaths often make good first impressions. They often impress observers as regular people.

However, psychopaths are self-centered. They are narcissistic. They are not honest. They are not dependable.

Psychopaths operate with irresponsible behavior. There is no apparent reason for this behavior except that they derive great pleasure from it.

Psychopaths are devoid of empathy. They feel no guilt. They lack empathy. They are incapable of true love. Therefore psychopaths are callous and casual in their personal relationships.

Psychopaths, frequently without hesitation, make excuses for their reckless behavior. They forgive their own outrageous actions. They blame other people for their own failings. It is rare that they learn from mistakes. It is rare that they are able to develop and improve themselves after receiving negative criticism.
Psychopaths find it difficult to restrain their impulses.

Do you have any thoughts on psychopaths? Or any thoughts regarding a person this description brought to mind?

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