America’s Second Civil War

America’s Second Civil War — The Civil War To Regain Individual Rights & Liberty

The USA is in the midst of its Second Civil War.

This war may appear civil. But it is divisive and real, and it is not civil. If men and boys were dying by the thousands in American towns and cities, if generals were explaining battle plans, if tanks were in the streets, more Americans would comprehend that America is immersed in its Second Civil War, an uncivil civil war.

This civil war may not appear to be war. It may appear to be little more than the daily shouting matches on radio and TV containing endless streams of stammering, hand-waving juveniles pretending to be journalists. This is the publicly visible portion of America’s Second Civil War.

America’s Second Civil War is more destructive and deadly than its 19th century civil war.

America’s Second Civil War is being fought by a radical left that has prepared for and trained its army of lazy, poorly-educated underachievers for five decades.

America’s Second Civil War had been passively observed by the rest of America, whose philosophy is independence and liberty with civility. This philosophy acts as an inhibiting force preventing active retaliation against the radical left.
That is, until in 2009, when the new American president pushed too far and too hard in an attempt to change America into a bankrupted nation so that he could realize his vengeful socialist statist dream.

After several months of Obama’s presidency, independently minded, decent, ethical, hard working Americans from across the political spectrum began to comprehend the true meaning of Obama change. People everywhere see Obama’s now-homely, non-smiley face everyday demanding their surrender so he can change America into his socialist dream. When decent Americans perceived that their new president’s change would result in the bankrupting of America followed by redistribution of wealth from America’s successful earning group to the less-successful and least worthy underachiever group, genuine Americans joined the struggle to save and protect America.

In mid-2009, it became apparent that defending the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights, the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence, and all that allowed Americans to build the most successful nation in history would require going beyond rhetorical use of these documents’ principles.

In mid-2009 Americans began to stand up and actively defend America from socialism, Marxism, and fascistic government tactics and takeover.
Americans are awakening to wage their Great Civil War. Americans are comprehending that they must save, protect, defend, and re-implement the US Constitution and America’s founding principles of individual rights and liberty in order to put America back on its productive path.

To do any less than actively defend the US Constitution would prove that elitist radicals are correct when they laugh, despise and show disdain for America and most Americans.

To do any less would prove that Americans are no longer Americans. To do any less would demonstrate that today’s Americans would succumb to the always failed policies of socialism and thieving redistribution promoted by the elitist socialists now controlling the federal government.

Amidst their narcissistic, constrained-eating, must-exercise, self-involved, nihilistic lifestyle, Americans are awakening to realize that it has always been their Constitutionally-guaranteed individual rights, those now being eroded, that have permitted even this aberrant behavior.

Americans finally comprehend that they must react and resist radicalism. Americans are waging their Great Civil War.

One thought on “America’s Second Civil War”

  1. There is no such thing as an American anymore. There are only Republicans and Democrats (Hatfield’s and McCoy’s).
    Civil war be damned. It has gone way beyond that. It has now permeated to the supper table where family members can no longer sit side by side without some kind of altercation.
    Very sad indeed.

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