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Handling life in the Age Of Malevolence

Unprecedented political events put our petty personal problems in perspective. Only health problems can come close to being more detrimental to each of us than America's new government has the potential to be.
Peter The Hermit
Attention losers, whiners, takers, & complainers:  Most of you deserve what you are getting & did not deserve what you have lost.


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An Emory University student reacting to chalkings said, "I'm supposed to feel comfortable and safe. But this man is being supported by students on our campus and our administration shows that they, by their silence, support it as well … I don’t deserve to feel afraid at my school.”

The tone and spirit of this site has changed since BO exposed himself as the person he is.  
Prior to his successful coup d'état, this site observed world events and people's reactions.  It then wrote in a positive, non-trivial manner about where each and all of us may be headed.  This site presented mild humor mixed with an optimistic outlook.
In 2009 the BO regime initiated what BO himself announced as his plan to "...fundamentally transform the United States of America."  Since then, this site has been less cheerful, less optimistic, less hopeful.  Reduced positivism is always a consequence of socialism, communism, and fascism.  History verifies this fact in all cases for all peoples whether in Europe, the Soviet Union, North Korea, and everywhere else.
The force that is attempting to fundamentally transform the USA is a force of evil that uses appointees, minions, and especially Americans' trust, to carry out the transformation plan. The American people are poised to remove this evil from its position. This man abused his opportunity to lead the USA.
The USA will survive its current trauma... and this site will regain its optimism.

Why The Declaration of Independence, US Constitution, & Bill Of Rights Matter
These documents were designed, constructed, argued, debated, reasoned, and implemented by individuals who understood human nature and accounted for all aspects of people's ability to fail themselves.
Human nature has not changed.
The USA can survive its current trauma.


Liberation Day
On the 40th anniversary of one man's Self-Liberation his thoughts are provoking.

Building A Dungeon
Many people incarcerate themselves for reasons only vaguely known to themselves until it is too late. They rashly build a dungeon, jump in, and flail.
Horrific enough alone is any dungeon, but when inhabited with a characterless spouse, a dungeon is a desperate emptiness devoid of productivity. With no productivity, there can be no happiness. With no happiness, there can be no satisfaction. With no satisfaction, there can be no friendship. With no friendship in the dungeon, life is not worthy of its regular efforts.
Not many people are able to liberate themselves from the dungeon that has been voluntarily entered. Few people have the guts to liberate themselves from such confinement. Most people simply muddle through life in quiet desperation. Sometimes they punctuate their desperation with loud exasperation.

Why Might People Voluntarily Build Dungeons For Themselves?
People misjudge their personal needs and life goals. People fail to understand that other people's character counts when allowing a spouse to become a life-long partner. Many ordinary people are not prepared to be a spouse, thereby failing to comprehend the substantive meaning of "partner."
When these failures come into confluence, a mismatch results. This mismatch can be dreadful when one person of a team of two has totally different definitions of partner and has no character.
When character is non-existent in a person, that person is unable to comprehend and operate as a partner. That person will never be a partner, only a taker within a one-way relationship.
There comes a point in a relationship which has no Valentine's Days, especially on days other than February 14, when the partner of character and positive goals must eject from the poisoned context of the destructive relationship.

How Can A Person Avoid His Self-made Dundeon?
The operative question in life is, "How might one avoid misjudging a mate and himself in order to avoid building a dungeon and condemning himself to potential life-long emptiness and long term failure of productive capabilities?"
Experience and contemplation teach that the answer lies beyond examination of parents and friends of the potential partner. Insights can be gained by examining the relationships between the potential partner, parents, and friends.
In that examination, each individual may appear in various contexts to have character. However, if these individuals' inter-relationships are not normal, one or more of the individuals is necessarily flawed and prepared for little more than a life of failures.
For example, if parents and child appear individually to meet character tests, yet their inter-relationships are incomplete, it is likely the child is flawed. The child's flaw may be of the sort identified by the old saw, "The shoemaker's daughter has no shoes."
Critically, the lack of shoes may be easily remedied. However, the lack of character cannot be remedied -- or ever to any noticeable degree, developed.

There comes a time when in the course of dungeon living, a person of character must extricate himself or accept -- very, very, very quietly -- his life is an existence of failure. He must acknowledge that he will never reach his potential. That he will always be a failure unless he extricates himself alone with no one's assistance.
That time will be on a specific day. That day may be February 14.
No matter what day on the calendar, Liberation Day is always to be celebrated. It is to celebrated with extra effort applied by the liberated. He must ensure that he becomes more than he already has become, or his liberation was for naught.
Happy Liberation Day to all who earn it by actively enhancing a cooperative partnership.



Intense, always-present insecurity requires that Obama control everyone.
By using any means, including healthcare insurance & resource controls, excessive regulations, & unconstitutional mandates, this poor guy can never alleviate his fears or be satisfied.
He will always be alone, devoid of true friendship, and uncomfortable with himself.


The most magnificent & wonderful unintended consequence: Obamacare.

The Obama administration's reckless disregard, this so-called Obamacare, will cause its downfall.

However, Obama and his minions are so devious that their means are usually shadowed.  They are so incompetent that their methods often result in unintended consequences.


Implementation of Obamacare demonstrates that illogical, lobbyist-inspired legislation hammered into a bill and passed into law by mandate of a few legislators who know nothing about business operations and functions, cannot become good law.

This product of the socialists who deemed to transform one-sixth of the American economy is a failure. The more exposure and analysis Obamacare receives, the more it is seen as not operational or implementable.

Obamacare's failure is not about the details of a poorly-designed web site. Even a large web site can be modified or scrapped and replaced. However the Obamacare web site is a manifestation of underlying illogic that has been codified into law. Obamacare's failure is of procedures stemming from law that was designed and programmed into the web site. Obamacare's failure is of the law that was shoved into being by ideological, arrogant legislators who manifest a psychopathic motivation that guides their control freak actions.

Americans' final savior is the logic demanded by computer circuits. Computers are displaying the failure of poorly-conceived procedures that flowed from ill-conceived law derived from the ideologically conceived 2,600 pages of legislation followed by thousands of pages of regulations.

Were Obamacare a completely manual system, bureaucrats in offices across the nation would be demanding and imposing impossible concessions and costs upon Americans in order that they win health insurance.


Socialism sounds lovely and sweet to the control freaks who demand wealth redistribution in order to build their Utopian flat world where everyone suffers equally.

However, human action ensures that the methodology closest to maximizing success for the most individuals is capitalism.


Obama's ideology and plans to fundamentally transform the United States of America received his top priority.

Obama's overreach is on display and is the unintended consequence of his failure as a leader and president.


Obamacare was never about healthcare. It was always about the takeover of one-sixth of the US economy & the resulting control of all Americans.



"This was the object of the Declaration of Independence. Not to find out new principles, or new arguments, never before thought of, not merely to say things which had never been said before; but to place before mankind the common sense of the subject, in terms so plain and firm as to command their assent, and to justify ourselves in the independent stand we are compelled to take. Neither aiming at originality of principle or sentiment, nor yet copied from any particular and previous writing, it was intended to be an expression of the American mind, and to give to that expression the proper tone and spirit called for by the occasion."

-- Thomas Jefferson, 1825



"We should never despair, our Situation before has been unpromising and has changed for the better, so I trust, it will again. If new difficulties arise, we must only put forth new Exertions and proportion our Efforts to the exigency of the times."

-- George Washington



Will Obama’s Benghazi Cover-Up Succeed?

Click here to learn experienced experts' investigative facts, including:

"Question:  Isn't that what the military does?" [Rapid Response Rescue of embassy & civilian personnel]

"Answer: That’s what they're supposed to do. And that’s one of the things that the military does, everywhere, everywhere around the world, whether they be land based or on a ship, whatever it may be, they practice over and over again repeatedly the rescue of civilians and the rescue of embassy personnel in each area wherever it is that they’re posted. They have drills, they have plans, they have practice situations, and they have role players that play the part of attackers or assault teams, the bad guys basically. And they practice this over and over and over again."

BO Administration Knew Of Dangers In Advance & Of Death In Real Time

How can the BO administration's cover up succeed?

Review the events of 9/11/2012


Stand For The SEALs Who Were Standing For America
You know who you are. You have been worried about your career, your pension, your position in the history books.
You know facts and can verify through your first-hand description or through documents, the position taken by the CIC during the Benghazi massacre.
This is your test. Are you worthy of America? Are you worthy enough to have worn the uniform of America's military? Are you worthy enough to have served as a civilian in the US government?
You must stand now. You must rise to ensure that all Americans learn the position taken by her CIC during those critical hours in Benghazi.
You must stand, not simply for the oath you swore to protect and defend the US Constitution.
You must stand because you know, as an American civilian or American serving in the military, America needs you to display courage and honor.

As powerful as America is in many ways, she is under assault. America may not be able to withstand the assault much longer. America is already bleeding and suffering.
Where is General Ham? And, where are those other American protectors of America who know the facts surrounding the Benghazi massacre?
We all know where those SEALs were standing for the several hours that they were defending America, Americans, and America's interests.
It is imperative that you who know stand now. You are no SEAL, but you can try to display some of their integrity, fortitude, and love for America.



"We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other."
 -- John Adams, Address to the Military, 1798


The following is BO's response after he was forced to back off his plan requiring US military personnel to pay for injuries sustained in battle.
Bad press, including major mockery of the plan by comedian Jon Stewart, led BO to abandon his proposal requiring veterans carry their own private health insurance to cover their treatment for injuries sustained in battle.

BO admitted that he was puzzled by the magnitude of the opposition to his proposal.

Obama complained, "Look, it's an all volunteer force. Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice? It doesn't compute."
"I thought these were people who were proud to sacrifice for their country," Obama continued. "I wasn't asking for blood, just money. With the country facing the worst financial crisis in its history, I'd have thought that the patriotic thing to do would be to try to help reduce the nation's deficit. I guess I underestimated the selfishness of some of my fellow Americans." -- B. H. Obama

REMEMBER HIS STATEMENT"Nobody made these guys go to war. They had to have known and accepted the risks. Now they whine about bearing the costs of their choice?"



A Patriot Stands Up
The BO regime is guilty of divisive, inept governance. It is waging a destructive, distractive campaign. That is a sad, sad statement for an American. This election is about whether we will devolve to resemble a weak-kneed, euro style socialist state -- or worse. It is about whether America will go bankrupt, unwilling and too corrupt to prevent its own demise.

Will America return to being the nation that displays to the world what free enterprise is capable of in a free country wherein the government supports and promotes the constructive efforts of the American people? Will America recover to grow its GDP and employment with the military and financial leadership of the sort America has had? Will America again facilitate inexpensive, abundant energy? Will America's government remove the shackles from her population?

When America's government steps aside we will see what American ingenuity and exceptionalism really is. Growth will be the result -- exceptional growth.

Nothing in this election is about race. Race is not an issue with the majority of Americans. The MSM and corrupt left-wing politicians deflect from the above stated points using racism to serve their purposes. The ignorant and uniformed march with it. It truly is disgusting. Ultimately, self-serving ignorant liberals and America-haters will go down on the ship of America that they are sinking.


Who Is White House Visitor Hisham Altalib?
"On Friday, March 30, 2012, Hisham Y. Altalib visited the White House. According to visitor logs, Altalib was received by Joshua DuBois, the director of President Obama's Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships. Four days later, White House officials welcomed a foreign delegation of the radical Sharia-enforcing Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt.

The White House meeting with overseas Muslim Brotherhood leaders was reported in April by a few mainstream journalists and questioned loudly by conservative media. But the White House confab in March with U.S.-based Altalib -- which appears to be a prep session with the global Muslim Brotherhood's American advance team -- has received no attention until now.

So, who is Hisham Yahya Altalib? What is his agenda?"

By Michelle Malkin:

No American born in the USA, and no naturalized American, has lived in America under the evil that manifests within Obama.

Americans do not, and cannot be expected to, comprehend the evil that is Obama.

Americans are simply naive sheep being passively herded toward the imprisonment and restriction that Obama dreams of imposing upon all Americans -- including blacks.

Obama and his ilk -- Ayers, Soros, Wright, Davis, Alinsky, & more -- do not differentiate between Americans. They dream of destroying the USA.

Crazy thought? Listen to and read the writings by each and all of these evil, obsessed, mentally deranged maniacs.

Americans who disregard today the evil of Obama, will laugh much less when they are being subjugated within an economy that will make today's look like prosperity.

It is usually too inflammatory to mention, but is appropriate:
"The Jews were not laughing in the early 1940s when, after rationalizing "Never in Germany..." "Hitler's not so bad..." "He'd never do such things to us", they were being loaded into cattle cars, taken to camps, separated from their family members, and gassed -- or worse."

Ignore this evil of BO today only with ignorance and arrogance, you naive fools.


Now Apparent
There will come a day when even the United States of America has no more to give.
That day will arrive when the United States of America has no more that even today's vastly overly-empowered, unworthy, self-entitled takers can take.
There will come a time when there is no more remaining to take, steal, or demand. Entitlements will be as worthless as the people who demand them.

Today we can see when this will occur.

You may denounce, vilify, shout, scream, name call, and flail your arms in frenzied disdain at living and dead white European males. But answer this question:  Who designed, built, and continually improves Western Civilization so that, through little to no effort on your part, your life is improved over time?
When others demanded and were handed positions of responsibility and control of Western Civilization, including its assets and businesses based solely upon their gender, race, and ethnicity without having demonstrated competence and wisdom, what happened?  Yes, they too often dirtied and ruined whatever they were handed.  Rarely have those takers paid anything back.  It is rare when they improve, expand, invent, discover, or contribute their share.

America can recover from its effeminate, nihilistic, weakened condition.


 The map below identifies current Muslim protests in the Middle East


Regarding Obama's Approach To Foreign Policy

In Light Of The 9/11/2012 Coordinated Attacks Upon US Embassies & Consulates

The BO Foreign Policy Doctrine?  That is simply the current label for the dreaminess of the now-in-charge William Ayers bunch from the 1960s.

Realize now that the entire post-1960s flower children, hippie, sweetness, innocence, let's all get along, no-they are not animals philosophy does not work when dealing with maniacs, fanatics, radicals, reactionaries, zealots, and animals.

No, we cannot ever all get along because there will always be the less able, less competent, less willing to work hard, envious, nasty, cruel, angry, malevolent animals who will continually strive to destroy America and kill Americans.



BO called for a day of service on 9/11/2012. His way is effeminate. It fails just as he fails.

Have any of the enemy asked for forgiveness?

Does our enemy continue striving to kill America and Western Civilization?

Always Remember.  Honor The Brave.  Never Forget.

Letter  To  All Americans


Obama: Love Him. Hate Him. You Haven't a Clue.


When BO Is Out...
Here's a question:
When BO leaves office and Michelle follows, will American women allow their overly developed, disproportioned, not-actual-tough-guy arms to be covered?  Will they stop displaying their under developed biceps and shoulders?

Probably not.  Many women will continue trying to prove that they are tougher than guys. They will remain confused. They fail to understand that being successful at most endeavors is not tied to being tough -- as tough as a guy.
Too few women understand that it is not a guy's toughness that makes him excel in business, science, and mathematics. However, it is a women's femininity that allows her to excel in child rearing, teaching, and nursing. Successful guys don't need their version of women's help groups. Nor do they need to be a government certified male-owned business.
Being tough like the quintessential guy has little to do with being successful in most everyday real life activities.

However, being tough does matter in sports.
This leads to the next rhetorical question:  Why is professional sports participation based solely upon succeeding through hard work and skill within a pure meritocracy?  NOTE: Professional sports teams are not populated based upon gender or racial quotas.


2012 Obama's America -- The Roots Of Obama's Radicalism

"The republican is the only form of government which is not eternally at open or secret war with the rights of mankind." --Thomas Jefferson (1790)


Read the PatriotPost identification by Mark Alexander here.




What does Obamacare mean for you?

William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.

ObamaCare And The Looming Doctor Deficit

ObamaCare hasn't even kicked in yet and we're already facing our first crisis -- and no matter who you are, this one will hurt you in a big way.

In less than two years, some 30 million currently uninsured Americans will get their first taste of health insurance -- the insurance you're buying them.

Aren't you generous?

I'll get to the hit your wallet's about to take in a moment. But forget the money -- if you can -- for a second and think about 30 million Americans all out doctor-shopping at the same time.

Where do you think they're going to look? Hint: You might want to book your 2014 physical now -- because the lines at your doctor's office are going to make the ones at Disneyland look short.

Remember, making doctors isn't like making mechanics or bankers or fry cooks. We can't magically pump out more in two years, three years or even five years.

It takes a full decade of medical school and training before you can turn a doctor loose on patients. And while ObamaCare calls for the training of some 3,000 new doctors over the next decade, there's already a massive shortfall right now that's about to get worse.

It's so bad that the Association of American Medical Colleges says we'll be 62,900 doctors short in just three years. Even without ObamaCare, that shortage would hit 100,000 by 2025.

With ObamaCare, that "doctor deficit" will approach or exceed 140,000 doctors by then.

Making matters worse, a full third of today's doctors are 55 years old or older, according to the New York Times. They're getting ready to retire -- and you can bet even the ones who aren't thinking about quitting will hang up their stethoscopes real fast once they see the growing lines and shrinking reimbursements.

I wish I could tell you there's a light at the end of this tunnel, but there isn't one. All I can say is find a good doctor NOW and have a good relationship with him.

More importantly, make sure you're in tight with his front office staff, so you can get an appointment when you need one. Don't be afraid to send flowers and boxes of candy if you have to.

But that's just ONE of the problems you'll be facing shortly. There are others starting to kick in already -- including a kick right in your wallet.

Keep reading for more!

The Hidden Cost Of 'free' Healthcare

ObamaCare isn't just going to raise your taxes, although that's certainly part of the equation. It's not just going to raise insurance premiums, although that's certainly part of the equation, too.

It's going to raise the price of virtually everything.

Remember, 30 million people are getting insurance and YOU'RE the one getting stuck with the bill -- and that bill will come due in the form of a higher cost of living. After all, most of the money to pay for the "free" healthcare will come from employers -- and so employers, in turn, will have no choice but to raise prices.

John Schnatter, aka "Papa John" from the pizza company, expressed this in his own clumsy way not long ago when he said he'd have to charge between 11 cents and 15 cents extra per pizza to pay his company's share of the ObamaCare fees.

Naturally, the pro-ObamaCare dimwits laughed and said they'd gladly pay a measly 15 cents for a Papa John's employee to get healthcare. But let's see who's laughing when they realize it's not just 15 cents extra for pizza.

It's extra money for everything.

Sure, in some cases it'll be pennies, like 15 cents a pie. In others, it'll be dollars. But you can bet it'll all add up to real money real quick -- and I don't know about you, but I don't know too many people who've gotten pay raises lately.

I do know plenty of people who live on fixed incomes, though -- and they can barely pay for groceries as it is, much less healthcare for 30 million people.

You see, ObamaCare isn't just expensive. It's unsustainably expensive -- and it will bankrupt the nation.

But first, it'll bankrupt you.


What does socialism mean to you?
The Nazi Party was the socialist political party in Germany between 1919 and 1945.
The term "Nazi" is derived from the first two syllables of the party's full name. The socialist party's full name was "Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei."
NSDAP, the name often seen on banners in contemporary photos, is the abbreviation for Germany's Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei party.

Can you name a time or place where socialism has ever provided comfort, prosperity, or peace for its followers?
What might socialism mean for you?

Socialism in any form destroys individuals' initiative.
People lose their ability to weather life's normal difficulties. They become lazy, are always prepared to take from their master, and fail to see themselves as failures.
Class war is the natural and easy tool that demagogues use to separate, divide, and cause trouble amongst individuals. A confused, troubled, and divided people becomes distracted and cannot focus upon the cause of its fears: The socialist/communist/fascist leadership.
Individuals cower in fear instead of working together to be productive.


The USA Is Going The Way Of Sears
Sears built itself into the world's largest store during the 20th century. Then, at its peak, Sears management became arrogant, abandoned its ideals, and disregarded new competition. Today Sears is a failed and shrinking business.
The United States of America built itself into the world's most successful nation during the 20th century. Then, at its peak, America became lazy, abandoned its ideals, and disregarded domestic problems and international competition.
The United States of America is traveling along a similar trajectory of failure.


The Genuine Racist
The genuine racist is that -- most often white -- person who fawns excessively and endearingly at a black man or women upon his or her having achieved extraordinary success.
The black man or woman may excel in any field from engineering to sports to entertainment to academia. The genuine racist will fawn to an extent beyond normal admiration.
The genuine racist displays amazement at the black person's ability to excel and achieve on his or her own skills and perseverance.
If we ignore the genuine racists and their phony aphorisms they will eventually wither away, not out of embarrassment, but from lack of attention.


No Guarantee
Benjamin Franklin said, "The Constitution only guarantees the American people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself."
The government does not exist to provide for you if you cannot earn your own success.
If you are able bodied, get a job. Only if you are disabled might the government provide assistance.


You Did Do That Yourself
Hey You, you who have little to show for your life...
Hey You, you who rarely work with steady, genuine desire to improve yourself, your employer's business, and earn an honest living...
Hey You, you accept handouts from the government, family, or friends, while doing little to improve your circumstances...
Hey You, you who promote your own degeneration by squandering whatever money that by chance comes your way...
Hey You, you who hope to continue accepting handouts while ignoring any potential you might have...
Hey You, you did do that yourself.  You alone are responsible for wasting your life. You alone are responsible for ignoring the grand potential that exists free for you simply because you are an American.
Hey You, you who willingly support the politician enablers of your permanent serfdom... do you care that you are doing this yourself? Does it concern you that you are a cog in their machine?
Hey You, you still can pick yourself up, improve your situation, and then, perhaps, brag that you really did that yourself. That is your choice.
However, if you rely on politicians and others, you will continue with nothing but a meager handout that will ensure your permanent position as a serf.


The Loser
Obama is frustrated. He knows that he is going to lose the election because the American people will not be fooled a second time.

The American people gave BO control over the world's most successful and powerful society in history, built up over 250 years, to use as he determined.

BO chose to use his powers to divide the American people, diminish the American dream, and belittle American exceptionalism. He has made America smaller, poorer, and less able to assert its will.

BO could have been an American hero.

BO has evolved into nastiness. He manifests hatred for those whom he envies. No matter that Obama is President of the United States. He knows that he is not, and will never be able to emulate The Successful American.
As he walks through the White House, makes his obligatory public patriotic speeches, and uses America's global and domestic powers that were constructed by successful Americans, including his predecessors, he knows that he will not ever be one of them.


Market Corruption
Look around. At work, observe your management, staff, and coworkers. Stand back and observe shoppers in the retail stores you visit. Observe traffic flows while you drive.
Each environment displays its own variety of chaos and discontent. Each is indicating the tenor of the rest of our so-called culture.
Our environment has become an ongoing Psychology Today comic strip, emotionalized, self-involved, lost in the chaos it realizes exists but cannot punch its way out of.
Many long-time trusted market indicators, including the seemingly irrelevant environments alluded to above, scream for wise people to exit stock markets, housing markets, and any environment where trust and rational behavior of counter parties is required to ensure rational, reasonable pricing and follow through without abrogation.
Every market is corrupted by emotionalized, confused, lost juveniles. Inexperience and short-term objectives reign as major decision forces.
Many astute analysts see the signs based upon their favored indicators. Some analysts use technical indicators, some use fundamental indicators, some use both, but asset deflation is the operative force... and a lack of trust is omnipresent.


Obamacare Is
Obamacare is a disguised means for the government to take over one-sixth of the entire US economy.
The government -- politicians, unelected officials, & bureaucrats -- will determine if and when you will be allowed to receive medical care.
Health care is the secondary objective for the Obama administration. The administration's primary objective is to control Americans. The individuals in charge of this administration and in Congress are not subject to Obamacare's rules, procedures, regulations, and rationing of resources.
Obamacare takes $716 billion from Medicare. That is money that will not be available to pay for Medicare recipients' health care needs.
Under Obamacare the American health care industry will operate inefficiently as do most government agencies. There will be massive fraud, incompetence, and bureaucratic problems. Americans will learn to expect rationing of care. Soon everyone will know someone who died because he did not receive health care.


You Will Have No Fun
A cruel and evil pall has descended upon America.
Those who are now in charge of our lives suffer a need to control us. They have no regard for Americans' liberty and freedom of choice. They care not for our needs to determine our futures through our own choices and actions.
Using their demented obsessions to control us, today's politicians, appointed officials, and bureaucrats endeavor to satisfy their psychotic needs to control Americans.
Gradually over recent years Americans shopping, driving, walking, working, relaxing at home and elsewhere, have lost their optimism and joy. Americans' natural excitement for their futures has eroded. Many Americans may not yet realize it, but their potential for happiness and success has diminished.
So it is and so it will be as long as elitist politicians demand -- and we acquiesce to their demands -- to control us.
Only after the current regime has been removed from power will all Americans regain their liberty and rights to choose and control their own lives.


All That You Are

Everything that you possess, everything that hope to possess, everything that you ever hope to become, all of the freedoms that you exercise daily, all of the safety that you accept as normal, all of your happiness, all of this and more, you owe to the United States of America. That is the United States of America that was designed, built, progresses, and has been preserved and protected by millions of Americans who sacrificed all or nearly all for you.
The United States of America was conceived, built, and prospers because it has always been based upon free market capitalism with guaranteed liberty and human rights.

Why then would any rational American want to convert the United States of America into a socialist state?
Why then would any rational American want to support or permit Obama to convert, or, as he has stated, "Fundamentally transform the United States of America" into a socialist state?

You should understand that Obama's fundamental transformation of the United States of America will result in you being less happy, owning less, and possessing less potential.
You will be little of what you are today.


You Were Not Born

America is experiencing summer heat waves. A heat wave occurs when a large air mass that is several degrees warmer than usual for that period of year sweeps across an area. Sometimes a large portion of the nation experiences several heat waves during one Summer.
Heat waves are boons for news reporters because they can instill fear and worried excitement in the minds of large numbers of ordinary people. Heat waves are easy to report because there is often video of people perspiring profusely, fire hydrants open with children running through spraying water, and sometimes a few people die.

The heat waves of summer, 2012 are especially exciting for reporters because several American states are experiencing temperatures over 100 degrees. Those temps are really exciting to report because they are referred to as "triple-digit" temps. Reporters who are not able to prioritize news events enjoy using this triple-digit temps lingo. These are the same reporters who fail to notice the death counts and other extraordinary events in Afghanistan, through the middle East, and in several other genuinely significant human-caused "hot" spots around the world.

These same reporters fail to understand that a search through meteorological records covering just the last two centuries, would display several dozen heat waves that brought triple-digit temps.
Also alarmingly for reporters, prior to about 1940, no one had air conditioning because it had not been invented.
Today a thinking person upon hearing reporters wailing and warning about global warming and global warming's induced heat waves would wonder how could our grand parents and great-grandparents have survived heat waves of their times.

It should be clear that without air conditioning, cooling stations, and warnings from news reporters, our forbearers could not have survived.
Since they could not have survived the heat waves similar to the heat waves of our times, they could not have been around long enough to conceive children, but if they had, their children would have died in the next heat wave.
Our parents would not have been born and survived their heat waves. Therefore, we could not have been born.

NOTE:  The next time you panic about a temperature record being broken, pause and realize that simply means it has been just about this hot or cold before. Perhaps it was in 1968, 1956, 1947, 1923, or any other year.  Then recall that that was before global warming had been invented.



My tolerance for these free loaders has reached zero. My generous, kindly, forgiving nature has been overwhelmed and has collapsed.
I am totally devoid of tolerance of those who reap massive rewards from capitalism, live free and safe in America, yet fail to comprehend that the only reason they are so blessed is that tens-of-millions of Americans have for over 200 years fought,died, and strained to their deaths so that these undereducated juveniles can live more comfortable and secure than they have any right to.
If their choice, bo, is re-elected I will enjoy watching as these self satisfied non-thinkers suddenly find themselves without that too-large automatic deposit every two weeks.
Business activity will dry up. These juveniles who put him in office will be forced to pay for the entitlements he mandates as part of his redistribution plan. They will pay for decades. Yet, when they are older and look to collect their benefits, the entitlement systems will be bankrupt and devoid of money for them.
Many generations of Americans had no such entitlements as those that fall upon these people. They think they have earned all that they receive. That is not correct. If they are earning well today, it is because they have positioned themselves well within the capitalistic machine. Each of their positions is fair game for the socialists in power.
They are standing by watching while the socialists focus upon today's CEOs and other successful people in quest of reducing them to rubble by stopping and even clawing back their earnings. Today's juvenile non-thinkers should consider the poem declaring yesterday they came for those, today they come for yet more, tomorrow they come for me.

Speaking of start up ventures running out of cash, many businesses have to struggle to survive before finding success. Many entrepreneurs have used up all of their credit cards' credit. They must turn to other means of sustaining their ventures.
Many wish that they had had spouses or friends who were as over paid as many are today. Perhaps their salaries would have sustained their life styles and provided assistance for their businesses. Those who have not participated in ventures that struggle will never ever understand the beauty of capitalism and the ugliness of socialism. They will not need to even consider the possibility of not voting for the socialist bo.
Today's young know-it-all over paid elites will have no troubles unless bo is re-elected. THEN they may be forced to learn the econ 101 that they should have learned in school and contemplated over the last three years.
It will be interesting to observe these non-thinking, over-paid people as they try to survive the Second Great Depression, a product of bo's second term.


Intended Consequences

Regardless of the motivation, most Americans will never have any idea of Chief Justice Roberts' thinking, political priorities, logic, or purposes regarding his Obamacare decision.
The only thing that Americans need to consider is that the country must be taken back from the socialists, communists, megalomaniacs, and fascists. This project must have their highest priority. This is the only means left to restore the rule of law and restore the nation's Constitutional integrity and liberty. Our goal will be reached when Americans recover control of the presidency, Senate, and maintain control of the House.

If anything, the Obamacare decision appears to inflict intense broad-based pain and angst across most elements of the electorate. It appears to have the potency to awaken people to vote to restore the presidency and Congress to Republican control.  If Obamacare causes this to happen, the Supreme Court made a good decision in this narrowed, non-constitutional sense. Its decision then will be labeled good because from that point on the people can endeavor to restore judicial and legislative interpretation of the Constitution.
Without control of the presidency and Congress in 2012, the Constitution will be disregarded and of no significance.

The Constitution will not be a factor in future legislation.  Leftists of all sorts, including Progressives, socialists, communists, disregard the Constitution and its derived laws.  Consider that, if this decision would have stamped Obamacare as not Constitutional, and if the presidency and Senate were to remain controlled as it is for the next several years, the Constitution would be disregarded and abused forever.
A second Obama term would permit the the Senate a redo of Obamacare with minor changes to make it appear constitutional.
America's plan must be:

Defeat the Democrats/Socialists/Communists.

Defeat the Republicans.

Maintain eternal vigil over all politicians.


Grow Up & Become Self Reliant America

The US Supreme Court demonstrated that it is not going to protect the American people from tyrants, bullies, or bad legislation. Nor will it shield America from socialism.
Pundits and legal experts will argue forever about exactly why and what Chief Justice Roberts' intent was when he cast the deciding vote making Obamacare constitutional.
The legal and intellectual discussion carries no meaning regarding health care for most Americans. The court told the American people that it is not -- in this case at least -- going to protect them. Therefore all Americans are now under legalized federal control.
The American people are on their own. They must mature, consider, and come to understand what socialized health care and unbounded control by Congress will mean to each of them.

Most importantly, if the American people vote Obama out of office in November 2012, the law can be repealed by a Republican Congress and a Republican President, thereby negating what the Supreme Court did on June 28th.


Obama knew about Fast & Furious -- Watch C-SPAN video

News conference video on CSPAN regarding the start of Fast and Furious. Watch for the words "...directed by the president."


Review the Supreme Court survey here.


Being healthy and reflecting, a wise person of character should realize some things.

--  Life is too short to do very much agonizing, arguing, working ever so hard to save a few dollars, over analyzing, and hating.

--  Life is best lived by making the wisest, most informed decisions possible at the given time and accepting all consequences.

-- If we find that we have made less than optimal decisions, then we must accept and handle the consequences.

--  If we find that we have made what turns out to be good decisions, then we can be satisfied and move on to the next challenge.


The Evil Has Landed

Evil has arrived and taken up what appears to be permanent residence in America.
We know evil has arrived when the United States of America passes a health care law mandating euthanasia. Euthanasia is the intentional intervention with the express intention of ending a life by forcibly withholding medical care.  Only evil motivates such action as a national policy.
We know evil has arrived when individuals attack, attempt to discredit, belittle, and degrade their coworkers in front of other workers and customers. Visit a retail store, restaurant, or office to witness this phenomenon.
We know evil has arrived when leaders of nations speak openly on the world stage of committing mass genocide and the world stands by while passively scolding them yet fully understanding that the day of mass death is approaching. When all humanity claims to have learned the lessons of history regarding war, depots, zealots, and dictators, yet allows Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria, and others to massacre their own citizens and threaten other nations, we know evil has arrived.
We know evil has arrived when the president of the United States, knowingly lies repeatedly, over several years, promising his trusting, enamored, adoring constituents that under his health care plan they will be able to choose to keep the doctors they have.
We know evil has arrived when the American public education institution acts to inhibit bullying among students, yet bully those same students by demanding they obey food regimens defined by bureaucrats, forfeit their academic placements so that less able students may take their positions, and not interact, play, and study without being subjected to behavior-modifying drugs that have often detrimental long term effects.

To paraphrase President Ronald Reagan, if Americans are not safe, free, and able to live in peace, then who might ever be? Then where ever again?

With a glance at today's world it is clear that Reagan's rhetorical question has been answered. Evil has arrived. Even Americans are less safe, less free, and increasingly endangered and threatened day by day.
If Americans fail to resist the evil that is consuming them through divisive, specious, malevolent methods, they will each and all suffer the cruel, unforgiving extinction of their liberty, peace, and prosperity.


Obama Displays His Intellect

Obama, while attempting to flex his inadequate intellect and the presidential muscle he never will have, vilified oil speculators. He is trying to blame them for the high price of oil which has risen about 50% since his inauguration.
BO tried to confuse the American people into believing that speculators commit collusion.
BO fails to understand that speculators do not collude in today's highly regulated, computer-monitored markets.

A speculator is a trader who attempts to guess the direction of prices in a free market and executes his buy and sell orders accordingly. Speculators in oil, stocks, grains, real estate, and many other markets lose, as well as, win. [How is your house value doing as you passively speculate?] It is very difficult to speculate and win over the long term.
Collusion is when multiple individuals perpetrate a secret plan within a market attempting to shift prices up or down. Collusion is illegal and difficult to hide in today's regulated oil market. There has not been a significant case to ever have been discovered and prosecuted in the oil market, even though computer systems and regulators have been searching for collusion over decades.
The best example of collusion in the oil market is the activities of OPEC over decades. The OPEC nations collude to set prices. When done on the global scale by OPEC, the group has the somewhat polite name of cartel. Rather than being accused of collusion, the OPEC member nation cartel is openly fixing prices, colluding, that is.

The high price of oil is due to BO's international policies of weakness and intentional creation of a US domestic oil shortage by preventing exploration and recovery on US properties.
Perhaps, although not likely, some of BO's followers will recall their Econ 101 class, first week, day one, wherein they were introduced to the relationship between supply, demand, and price. Clearly BO does not understand this relationship.
If BO truly wanted to impact the price of oil, he would confront OPEC and open up exploration and recovery on US territory. But that would require some courage and integrity.
Again BO is on display. He is an example of the not-really-smart-at-all people who get funneled and forced through Harvard Law School, Princeton, Yale, Cal, and....


Say Good-Bye

You are witnessing the dismantling and scrapping of the United States of America.
No matter who you are, you have lost and will lose more as long as Obama continues to, as he called it, "fundamentally transform the USA".
Photo courtesy of Gurdon
Over Patrick Air Force Base -- The Last Flight Of Columbia


On The Lost American Culture
Assimilation, being civilized, operating with civility, accepting responsibility...?  Each has already vanished.  Any remnants we might perceive day to day are only fragments.  These fragments are being starved.  They will soon decay and drop from the American culture.
The USA has allowed too many not worthy into the fabric of its culture. Then they have been promoted based upon expectations of assimilation and skill potentials. After decades, they have demonstrated their inability to be assimilated and their unworthiness for elevation.
Too many of today's not worthy are unable to live by rules, regulations, policies, procedures, or laws.
All the while Americans are self involved and distracted by computer games, sports, analysis of their anatomies, driving through red lights and texting in all lower case, that most do not understand what they have and that it is lost.
Never mind that too many parents failed to teach decency and American schools failed to teach literacy -- or even the three Rs.


Easy Money Or Risk

As you deposit your paycheck, take a look at the entity that is handing you its money, that is, wrote this check to you. The source of your check has arranged for that money to become your money.
Is the source of your check one of those for-profit corporations? If so, you should be grateful that that corporation was started by an entrepreneur, developed into a successful business, tolerates your shenanigans, and pays you in spite of your shortcomings and lack of ability.

Or is your check written by a business that you started? If so, you should be grateful that you have been fortunate, skilled, had assistance from coworkers, and survived well enough to have money left over after expenses to pay to you.

Or is your check from a business that took risk? Did this business invest in another business, in a farm, in the stock or bond of a company? Did this business risk its capital -- money, that is -- in order to provide another business or an entrepreneur the opportunity to prove his skills, product ro service, and test its good fortune?

If risk was involved, this business deserves to pay a lower tax rate than you pay.
The risk that won a profit required wisdom to select a good risk, the fortitude to stick with a growing risk, and the knowledge of how to cash in on that risk with a profit. The risk of risk is that there may be no profit. There may never be any money returned to the risk taker. Every dollar invested could be lost. The risk taker can lose everything he put at risk.

Summary:  Some risk earns reward. Government played little to no role in ameliorating that risk. Government deserves -- has earned -- little to no reward.
On the other hand, no risk salaries and wages that are paid regardless of being risk free, are rightfully subject to higher rates of taxation.


On The Lost American Culture
Assimilation, being civilized, operating with civility, accepting responsibility...?  Each has already vanished.  Any remnants we might perceive day to day are only fragments.  These fragments are being starved.  They will soon decay and drop from the American culture.
The USA has allowed too many not worthy into the fabric of its culture. Then they have been promoted based upon expectations of assimilation and skill potentials. After decades, they have demonstrated their inability to be assimilated and their unworthiness for elevation.
Too many of today's not worthy are unable to live by rules, regulations, policies, procedures, or laws.
All the while Americans are self involved and distracted by computer games, sports, analysis of their anatomies, driving through red lights and texting in all lower case, that most do not understand what they have and that it is lost.
Never mind that too many parents failed to teach decency and American schools failed to teach literacy -- or even the three Rs.
The social media phenomenon is analogous to the mid-1970s' craze and infatuation with CB radio. It passed and is not notable except in this context.

But it is not likely that social media will waste away to nothing.

However social media is only what it appears to be:  A place for lonely, self-involved people to waste time.  Social media will survive because there are myriads of lonely people with a lot of time to waste and each has easy access to numerous access points.


"You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life."
  -- Winston Churchill


I used to believe that everyone is a Virgo and bathes at least once each day.

People used to go on picnics. Today they go into panics.

There was a time when people were charming. Have you met one lately?

Man, Oh Man

Decades ago a man came home after a hard day's work at the office, factory, or construction site, he cleaned up, and, if he were going out with the missus, he shaved. Often times he shaved just to look his best while staying home with his family.
He, being a man who wanted to look his best and enjoyed self respect, knew that his 5-o'clock shadow would make him appear scruffy. Therefore a man  shaved off his beard.
Then he dressed for a pleasant evening at home or out with his lady, whom he at least appeared to care for. Looking his best demonstrated that he, obviously a man, respected his better half, as well as the event and friends he was spending the evening with.

Today a male comes home from a soft day spent with coworkers who, like he, fail to respect their employer, care little about the caliber of their work product, and judge themselves by irrelevant but dark criteria.
After work today's male may wash up. He may even change his clothes into something more messy... casual, in his vernacular. But, for certain, he will not shave off his 5-o'clock shadow. His shadowy beard is his badge.
Today's male needs his 5-o'clock shadow. It demonstrates that, contrary to his overall demeanor, contrary to his mannerisms, contrary to the way he is treated by his wife or girl friend, he actually IS a man.
His manliness is demonstrated not by those other aspects, but because implicitly only a real man could grow a beard, even his patchy, shadowy scruffiness.
Never mind that his wife or girl friend has more facial hair. Never mind that she is tougher than her male companion. She exposes her real self as she tosses down her fourth bottle of beer straight from the bottle unto her scruffy face.


Learning Culture Expectations
Some of the most valuable experience of life is gained by being submersed in prayer mode, excuse mode, and rationalizing why some stock holding, while underwater should, will, must go up.

More is learned going through adversity than gaiety.


It is a cultural thing:
Ladies wear skirts and dresses. Gentlemen wear pants.

Starting around 1970 ladies were given and grabbed the opportunity to wear pants for work and play. Gentlemen, in order to differentiate themselves, began wearing pants that were frayed, sloppy, and wrinkled.

Today it is difficult, and often times impossible, to determine if an individual is male or female... although often the female walks like a boy and the male walks like a girl.

Neither ladies nor gentlemen exist any longer.

Today many people expect housing valuations to hit bottom, start to rise, and, not too long thereafter, surpass the record highs of 2007.

These people fail to perceive why housing valuations rose steadily without little pause starting after WWII on through 2007.

These people fail to understand that housing valuations were continuously artificially inflated starting in 1938 through the actions of Fannie (1938), Ginnie (1968), Freddie (1970), & the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act of 1977). Each served as government's artificial inflator of valuation. The first three of these institutions used cash recycling. The CRA used ownership mandates. All worked in concert to ignite housing valuations once the prosperity of the American Dream became reality in the 1950s.

Only a person blind to history, human psychology, and economic forces could expect housing valuations to return to the artificial highs of 2007, let alone to surpass those inflated valuations.



Conspiring With The Russians Against The American People
Obama Tells Medvedev I need "space" on the Missile Defense issue. "After my election I have more flexibility."
At the end of his 90 minute meeting with Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, Obama told the Russian that he would have "more flexibility" to deal with controversial issues, including US missile defense after his election.  Obama told Medvedev, that he should tell incoming Russian President Vladimir Putin that he needs to give him "space".

Their words were picked up by open microphones while reporters were entering the room to hear official remarks from the two.

The conversation:
Obama:  "On all these issues, but particularly missile defense, this, this can be solved but it’s important for him to give me space."

Russian President Medvedev:  "Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you…"

Obama:  "This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility."

Russian President Medvedev:  "I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir."

Treason is "the offense of attempting by overt acts to overthrow the government of the state to which the offender owes allegiance"The Merriam Webster Dictionary
Without the enduring cover-ups orchestrated by the MSM, this traitor would never have been elected in 2008.
The MSM fails to understand that BO will further corrupt, pervert, and take over more institutions and businesses just as he has with GM, Sallie Mae, healthcare, and more.
He has already put into place mechanisms that he will use to consolidate and expand his powers once he is given another four years.


Liar, Liar, Nation On Fire

"[T]the Washington Post ran a lengthy front-page article on Obama's machinations during the debt ceiling debate last summer."

Steve McCann, frequent writer in the "AmericanThinker", puts lying in perspective. He relates his experiences as a homeless child in war-torn Europe to today's situation.

Read the story here.


Flag Desecration Is Not Illegal In America
This photo presents domestic terrorist Bill Ayers standing on an American flag.

A Missouri-based federal judge declared a state law that criminalized flag desecration unconstitutional.

A veteran and member of a Missouri American Legion post declared the act "stupid".


This court's decision is wise and correct under the US Constitution and the American Way.
If a flag burner can be prevented from this action, or if his action is criminalized, then potentially anything anyone does may someday be criminalized.
No American should want any of his actions -- which will not cause harm to others -- to be criminalized. Therefore all Americans must permit others' actions, stupid or wise.

Certainly the American Legion veteran who called the act "stupid" was correct. What nation would anyone prefer to live in?  Where throughout history has a people been more free, more safe, and been provided more opportunity than in the United States of America?
Flag desecration as identified in this case does not damage the USA.  It actually strengthens the nation because it is so extremely repulsive, disruptive, and upsetting to any true American that the act antagonizes any patriotic American into a clearly focused, enlightened, and emotionalized patriotism.

As John Stuart Mill declared, each man is fully free to do whatever he may choose to do so long as that act or its results do not infringe upon or damage other people's rights and safety.
The act of flag desecration does not hurt the USA, its citizens, or any individual.  It certainly offends some people.  But what a wonderful tool flag desecration is when used to discover who is "stupid", hates the USA, is deranged, or wants to do harm to the USA and her people.  Patriotic Americans should take sharp notice and be aware of any desecrator's other plans and actions.

What a powerful teaching tool flag desecration can be.
How better to teach young minds the spirit of patriotism?  How better to start a conversation of what it means to be an American?  Flag desecration is tangible.  It can be felt by young people and may, with the appropriate teaching, directly and indelibly impress their minds.
Consider the emotions we feel when observing foreigners burning our flag.  We know exactly what their opinion of the USA is.  We, patriotic individuals and our government, can use this information to deal with the desecrating group and its nation.  For example, after witnessing events in Egypt over the last decades, should the USA borrow money from somewhere such as China in order to give it to Egypt so that Egypt can buy armaments to use against its people, Israel, and other US allies?
Does anyone doubt what Bill Ayers thinks of the USA?  He has stated and demonstrated his hatreds of America for over 40 years.  He has desecrated the flag and murdered with impunity.  Therefore, should anyone doubt how his associates feel about the USA?  Of course not.  Patriotic Americans should fear his potency and many substantive successes.

The fact that too many Americans do not fear Ayers or his associates exemplifies America's big problem today.  His actions and words should have been warning enough.  The fact that they were not is our very serious, long-term problem.


Brought to your home by socialism.


Socialism Works
Under socialism, those who receive benefits without earning them become entitled, shiftless, and unproductive.
Under socialism, those who work and earn their fair wages become demoralized, disgruntled, and unhappy.
That is what socialism produces. Workers' earned incomes are forcefully appropriated by the government and handed to those who do not deserve reward for not earning their own way.


First They Came For...
First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for the Catholics,
and I didn't speak out because I was Protestant.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

This statement is attributed to pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984). He references the inactivity of German intellectuals during the Nazi rise to power and its purging of their targets.
Niemöller supported the Nazi Party until Hitler directed the supremacy of the state over religion.


Even You Could Have If You Used His Approach
In the early 1950s Warren Buffett started buying stock in several American companies.
His investment philosophy was to select companies that had top-notch management and provided quality products to potentially large numbers of customers. He held the stock in these companies for decades, collecting dividends and reaping valuation gains unless the underlying company faltered.
Buffett rode the capitalistic US economy through the greatest expansion of business profitability in history. This expansion ran from approximately 1950 through 2005.
Over 50 years Buffett has accumulated a fortune because he implemented and held to this simple investment philosophy.
Buffett should thank the United States of America' capitalistic system and her millions of entrepreneurs and top-notch managers. Instead he revels in the adoration of many unthinking Americans who portray him as a sage. In recent years he has thanked the US and her people by pandering to the political elite, demanding that wealthy and somewhat-less-than wealthy people pay more taxes.
Buffett demonstrates that he is a simpleton rather than a genius when he makes such demands. If he were even just smart, he might understand that to take more from the wealthy -- that is, the investing class -- inhibits future investment in businesses.

Understand that if Buffett had been taxed more heavily over the years that he was investing, he would not have had as much money to invest and would therefore be less wealthy today.



Character, Courage, Desire
Elias George coached wrestling for a half century. Even though he has long since retired, he continues to teach the stuff required to be a winning wrestler.
For his wrestlers who learned well, he continues to teach what is required to win in a fairly fought match. This coach taught wrestlers to work hard to build the character, courage, and desire to win the important struggles throughout life.
Coach George taught us that with desire to amount to something meaningful, courage is required and it must be developed from character that respects honor and decency, and principles of integrity.
Coach George taught that to win using illegitimate methods, to cheat when the referee was not looking, to or to abandon principle is to lose, regardless of the points scored.

Today's America is riddled with losers who occupy positions of power, trust, and institutionalized honor. These people -- these losers -- abuse their power, deceive those who trust them, and dishonor the positions, institutions, and America.
Many of these losers have been educated in long-established universities by people having an aloof, pseudo-intellectual attitude that allows them to abuse their positions. They mislead and indoctrinate students to believe that it matters not how they achieve, but only that they achieve by any means available.

Today Coach George's teaching of character, courage, and desire has been replaced by the MBA.
The MBA evolved from an advanced degree into a major profit center for universities around 1970. Today people understand that their objective is to obtain an MBA from the right institution and a high paying job is guaranteed despite all lack of experience.
Understood is that an MBA guarantees high payment and adoration. Most significantly, that MBA obviates the need to understand, learn, and develop skills that are required to optimally manage a business. Too many students adopt the approach that any end justifies any means, methods, and tools.
The just-get-a-degree approach has been adopted by too many who choose to enter government. When government was a service for the people, it required expertise, knowledge of the US Constitution, and the ability and desire to legislate for the good of the people.

Today's America suffers from mal development of her highest government officials and the ineptitude of her business executives.
For those elected officials and corporate executives who scoff at this thesis, consider the condition and weakened substance that controls the US Congress and America's largest businesses.


Waging His War
Obama is fighting that old and ancient war, that war wherein people are prevented from using their own skills and initiative to make progress for themselves.
Obama fails to see that all Americans can achieve the prosperity of their dreams through stoic, ongoing hard work.
He disregards the fact that all Americans are guaranteed the right and privilege to work with integrity within the American society, use her institutions, and earn their way up any ladder that they are able to ascend.
The Selection:
Obama sees himself as the great liberator of oppressed American people. He identifies groups of Americans that need his power to liberate. He has a need to liberate suppressed people. His problem is that in America, relatively few people are suppressed by anyone other than themselves.
Obama disregards over 200 years of culture and civilized institutional codification of the American society. He disregards the experiences of millions of people who have fought to gain entry into America and participate in American institutions simply because they understood that America is The Land Of Opportunity. These millions of immigrants merely wanted opportunity. They were confident in their individual ability to achieve.
The Method:
Obama's method is forced redistribution. His plan is straightforward. When, in 2008, he announced that he will "fundamentally transform the United States of America", he meant that he will use powers of government to take from those who have achieved and give small pieces to those who are not currently achieving.
Obama has established a spirit of pessimism within longtime optimistic and productive America. He is using pessimism to divide and weaken American society.
The Actual:
Obama's purpose is not to improve the circumstances of any American. His purpose is to dismantle the American capitalistic structure that allowed for the creation of America and replace it with the servitude that is socialism. He will then be the master.
Obama sees himself as a controller of people, both the haves and the have-nots.
Obama understands that to take from achievers weakens America. He cynically uses members of his selected group, those currently achieving less, and hands them rewards. He knows that this method will endear these people to him, their master, while ensuring that they lose self esteem and initiative to achieve themselves.
Obama is rewarded by knowing he has control over Americans and has transformed America into a debtor culture that no longer produces enough to support itself, but instead begs for assistance from a world that is growing and usurping America.
Obama is frustrated. He has evolved into nastiness. He manifests hatred for those whom he envies. No matter that Obama is President of the United States. He knows that he is not, and will never be able to emulate The Successful American. As he walks through the White House, makes his obligatory public patriotic speeches, uses the global and domestic powers constructed by successful Americans, including his predecessors, he knows that he will not ever be one of them.


We're All Trapped
The year 2012 is going to be a most difficult year for many Americans.
Americans have witnessed and shared their disgust, outrage, and anger at the Obama situation and all that it provokes, exemplifies, and epitomizes. They have witnessed the destruction and now comprehend the Obama plan for, as he stated four years ago, his "...fundamental transformation of the United States".
It is possible for America to survive this year and end it well positioned recover American prosperity. America can recover because of the stoic character that has been built into most patriotic Americans' characters.
Difficult periods are a normal part of most people's lives. However, the year 2012, promises to surpass most years. Many Americans might have believed that their worst year would not be matched, and most certainly, would never be exceeded.
During many Americans worst year, amidst problems, they lived in a world of optimism regarding employment, health, and happiness. They believed that regardless of how their personal situations evolved, they could rely upon the United States of America's economic, social, cultural, and capitalistic institutions to be open to their participation and success. Americans implemented recovery plans and worked toward recovery.
Today we live in a USA that is infected by a pall which hangs over all of everything we do and attempt to do. Today we are engulfed by negativism, pessimism, destructive attitudes, divisive institutions, and people working to dismantle the underlying potential and American institutions that we rely upon to build our successes.
We are living amidst a civil war. This is a civil war that we have not prepared ourselves to handle effectively. Americans have always best been prepared to use American optimism to work hard, produce, and live happily.
Events of this year will determine America's course -- and the direction of our lives. Americans' potential will be enhanced or marginalized depending upon the outcome of the presidential election.
America can survive and likely prosper. All Americans who have peacefully lived the best existence of any other people in history must unite and remain resolute. Americans must be optimistic.
Each American can on his own accomplish little on a national scale. However, by joining forces, we will displace the pall of the White House and the twisted and destructive influences and people Obama has put in positions of authority to rule over all Americans.


Politicians React To Natural War Consequences
When gung-ho US fighting forces were seen urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban enemy, America's politicians quickly took the opportunity to gain for themselves.

Politicians -- who could never pass for statesmen -- send young, well trained, gung-ho, real men into foreign lands. They arm them with dangerously restrained rules of engagement on ambiguously-defined missions of questionable and often unknowable moral or homeland security value.

What do these politicians want to achieve? They hope to gain power for themselves. In order to accomplish this for themselves, they abuse powers that had previously been entrusted to them by a distracted and mal-informed populace.
These politicians care not for any fighters who are killed and maimed. They care not for America.
What do these politicians expect for America? They expect anything. They have no plan and little knowledge of the real America or for the methods of America's sustenance. These politicians have plans to exploit any situation which arises in today's undeclared, vaguely-defined, so-called war.
When gung-ho US fighting forces were seen urinating on the dead bodies of Taliban enemy, America's politicians quickly took the opportunity to gain for themselves.

Americans Are Unfortunate
When America's civilized, well-trained, gung-ho young men enter foreign lands, many that cannot legitimately be labeled nations of the 21st century, they witness atrocities that they were not brought up to expect. A civilized America should not want its fighters to understand the cruel, abnormal atrocities.
America's fighters cannot understand much of what they witness. They witness relentless killing of their own. They live day-to-day in a cloud of savagery and hatred heaped upon them and their America by those whom they are sacrificing to defend and protect.
Politicians Are America's Scourge
When the inadequate, self-involved, weak charactered, unprincipled politicians learn of natural acts of war behavior and retaliation, they feign shock. Then they implement their usual plan to use any such act to victimize the participants in order to impose further loss upon America and gain for themselves. They instigate and promote the destruction of those brave frontline fighting men who succumbed to the horror of the fake war imposed upon them by those politicians who tried play statesmen.

Politicians Are Fortunate
Those politicians who focus upon the military have partners who are meddling, twisting, and strangling the US economy. Both of these groups of politicians, the Users Of War and the Users Of Economic Slowdown And Disparity, are fortunate. They have constituents who will always fight to defend and protect America from foreign and domestic assault, both military and economic.
These politicians are fortunate to have genuine Americans who will never give up on their belief in America. These include American entrepreneurs, business people, and workers who are genuine Americans. They are -- and will remain -- gung-ho Americans working on the home front.
Following the recent years of politicians' onslaught against the American economy, many business-oriented Americans are defending America passively. They are resisting the politicians' shove toward socialism, communism, and fascism by pausing their investments and business expansions. These patriotic capitalists will unleash their might when they may again believe in America's liberty and when they perceive that America's politicians will relent in their imposition of regulations, taxes, rules, and impediments to growth and prosperity.

Politicians Must Be Deposed
Americans resisting destruction of America by evil foreign forces must also resist those politicians who care not for America or Americans, but only for their own power. Liberty must be defended.
Americans resisting destruction of America by evil domestic forces must also resist those politicians who care not for America or Americans, but only for their own power. Capitalism must be defended.
Effective defense of liberty and capitalism will lead to a rejuvenated America and a rebirth of the possibility that has for over two-hundred years been a part of most Americans' dream and totally realistic expectation.


"I grew up in a time when you didn't have to worry about every time you said anything that it may possibly hurt, in some remote, obtuse way, some individual's feelings.
Back then, if that happened, they gave it back and, in a few extreme cases, a couple of punches may have been thrown. Teasing and ribbing were a common thing and everyone learned to deal with it. It was no big deal.
Teasing and ribbing were not always labeled bullying. There were few victims who ran to some authority whining and demanding justice and retribution. Teasing and ribbing were accepted as forces that made people develop, become reasonably mature, and understand how they were perceived by others.
Today people cannot handle criticism because they have been so sheltered and protected from the real world that they have never learned to deal with rejection or criticism. Therefore the only way that they handle adverse or difficult situations is to end up using their work or other position of authority to deride innocent people whom they can get away with bullying."

Bullying can be painful and dangerous. It should be throttled by wise authority. No one should be bullied so as to be damaged psychologically or physically.
However the objects of bullies are forced to learn their limits. They learn when to tolerate and when to defend themselves. They learn appropriate methods to defend themselves. They learn that to not defend themselves, they will become victims who are less successful in school, in work, and in personal endeavors.
Wisely administered balance with the goal of rational equilibrium can prevent damage while providing for productive development. People will be tested and bullied. It is part of interacting in implicitly or explicitly competitive arenas.


You May Not Like It
You may be angry, resentful, spiteful, envious, nasty, unhappy, mendacious, vindictive, petty, self involved, politically correct, and have a perverted perspective.
However, the fact is that without Christianity, you would not be living your peaceful, abundant, opportunity-filled life.
Without Christianity, you would likely be living your life as most of people in many nations live.  That is, you would be living a life less safe, in fear of demagogues and despots, experiencing unstable economic conditions, and you would have fewer modern conveniences and luxuries.

For even those of you who do not deserve it -- and God knows there are many who do not -- in the Christian spirit, Merry Christmas!


Special Question For Today's Economic Times
We believe that retail sales will continue at about the same pace as they have been over the recent three months?

Our reason for this belief is that people will continue to use credit cards and spend cash on many relatively small purchases for themselves because they feel miserable and will use these personal gifts to maintain their spirits day by day.



Occupy This
The bottom line is that no matter what discomforts, tragedies, or inconvenience life hands you, you do not have the right or an excuse to impose upon the rights of others.
The 1st Amendment gives each of us the right to do anything just so long as what we do does not infringe upon anyone else's rights, comfort, possessions, or safety.
When an individual infringes upon another, he has implicitly repudiated his 1st Amendment right.


Recovery To Previous Valuations
Considering The Real Estate Market...
The real estate market had not experienced a major correction since the Depression era of the 1930s.
There is no market that has not experienced major corrections over the same period.
It is unhealthy for any free market to not self correct or to be forced into correction mode.  Failure to correct requires exogenous forces to artificially hold prices and present an appearance of stability or expansion.  That indicates that the specific market is not operating as a free market.
Read the analysis of valuation recovery here.


More Demented Than Imaginable
At The 9/11 10-year Memorial Service... Two US Presidents


The Ten Cannots
You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich. You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred. You cannot build character and courage by taking away man's initiative and independence. You cannot help small men by tearing down big men. You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income. You cannot establish security on borrowed money. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they will not do for themselves.
 William J. H. Boetcker, outspoken advocate for liberty. Published 1916


Job's Job One, Well Done


Puppet Master
In the year 2011 it became too large and momentous to be hidden. It became too obvious to be misunderstood.  Read more here.


Enormous American Institutions Overwhelm The BO Administration
Timmy Geithner, US Secretary of the Treasury shown here lost within the greatness of America, has been overwhelmed and wants out.


The USA Is Going The Way Of Sears
Sears built itself into the world's largest store during the 20th century. Then, at its peak, Sears management became arrogant, abandoned its ideals, and disregarded new competition. Today Sears is a failed and shrinking business.
The United States of America built itself into the world's most successful nation during the 20th century. Then, at its peak, America became lazy, abandoned its ideals, and disregarded domestic problems and international competition.
The United States of America is traveling along a similar trajectory of failure.


Exclusion, Not Inclusion
Diversity has been redefined in America. American diversity entitles anyone who is not a member of the majority group to improved status without having to demonstrate competence or excellent qualifications.
Diversity means elimination of merit as a factor in promotion and acceptance.
Diversity means exclusion of the worthy in order to provide opportunity for the less qualified.

Name one business, organization, or group of people that has been improved by increased diversity.


Look What Americans Did To Themselves
To call this a man-child would be to elevate it too high.
Even after eight years of Clinton and eight years of Bush, have you no idea what a President Of The USA should be?


A Really Big Thank You
Dear American Taxpayer,
What more might Americans do?  Read their thank you note to you.


Imagine It Now, Live It Soon
The Dodd-Frank financial legislation is un-Constitutional, anti-capitalistic, and an America-hating means to undermine American capitalism. Dodd-Frank in conjunction with several other legislative forays, presidential executive orders, and regulatory mandates is designed to be destructive. The reconfiguring of elements and interrelated functions and operations within the financial system have been implemented by unabashedly demented and frustrated little minds. They are attempting to transform the US economy and financial system. Their actions cannot result in anything other than dysfunctional reconfiguration.

Imagine the imbalances and interrelationships being established and forcefully imposed, pasted over, and held in place directly by the three branches of governmental mandate and the supposedly independently operating Fed.
Imagine the internal forces operating within each bank and financial institution endeavoring to maximize self-centered positions and, perhaps, incidentally reconstitute institutional prowess.
Imagine the imbalances being established in order for the elements of the financial system and its dependent users that are being asserted in order to maintain an operational, functioning hobbled financial system.
Imagine the multiplicity of individual self-interested operatives and users of the financial system who are stymied, attempting to resist, and working to exploit the financial system for personal gain.

Imagine the regulations, legislation, cabinet level departmentally implemented mandates, and presidential executive orders that continue to be unleashed prior to the 2012 election.
Imagine the chaotic, unbounded, out of control, nasty, capitalism-hating executive mandates that will be unleashed upon America, Americans, and the US financial system and corresponding multinational financial institutions. These institutions will be twisted, taken over, and made unable to fulfill their missions within the vibrant, capitalistic, developing world economies.

Now recall how enamored and transfixed you were when BO repeatedly stated before his election that he planned to "fundamentally transform the United States of America".


Letter To Americans


They Fail Econ 101
The US economic recovery is faltering. It had been recovering because this is America, the home of freedom and capitalism. However, under the redistributionist, limited freedom, big government programs of BO, the potential US economic recovery will continue to falter.
Some Americans wonder why BO's programs are not producing economic growth and jobs. Other Americans understand why his programs are not producing economic growth and jobs.

The relevant fact is that to BO and his administration's operatives, the faltering US economic recovery indicates that their programs are working and will be successful. Success has a different definition for them than for most Americans.

In 2006, Bernardine Dohrn lectured in arrogant confidence to a group at Northwestern University. She stated that their goal is to take control of the nation and then work to "dismantle capitalism, that evil thing".
The people she was alluding to are led by her husband, Bill Ayers, and the billionaire, George Soros.
The election of BO brought both Ayers, Soros, unions operatives, and other dedicated anti-capitalists to power by directing the BO administration's actions.

Now, after more than two years of implementation of their programs by the BO administration, the Ayers-Soros regime is reaping results of their programs.
They have used the USA as their laboratory. The BO administration has been implementing their programs. The results are becoming clear. US economic faltering denotes -- to the Ayers-Soros group -- success of their theories.
The Ayers-Soros group fails to understand that the faltering US economy while operating under their policies actually denotes the failure of their programs, not the failure of capitalism. The USA became the world's largest and most successful economy and provided prosperity for more people than any other nation in history. It accomplished this feat using freedom and capitalism, not socialism, Marxism, or big government.
The US economy is now faltering because it has been forced to operate under the Ayers-Soros big government programs that follow Marxian Econ 101 principles. Its objective is not economic success for America. Its objective is control of people, industry, and all else through the use of big government.


We Never Said "I Do".
It's as though we married one of those women who must spend all our money, then move on to max out the credit cards, and then keep going endlessly pushing our credit cards over limit.
We work hard, hold down career jobs, don't spend too much on frivolities, and yet she just keeps spending on all kinds of stuff.
Too often, when we come home after another hard day at the office, she says, "Look at this Honey! I just bought three of these on sale for me, two of these on markdown for us, and seven of these for the kids to grow into".

Hey, wait a minute. We don't need that stuff, we don't want it, and we won't even use it.
This scenario describes the dilemma Americans are suffering with Congress. The US Congress just keeps spending on all sorts of stuff, using more money less effectively, and demanding more money from the one-half of all Americans who pay taxes.



The grocery store was not devoid of customers early in the morningHowever there were fewer disgusting people than there would be in the next hours. But still were several. More meaningful than the several is the point that the disgusting people makeup 100% of all shoppers and employees.
There were no people -- shoppers or employees -- who appeared to care enough about their appearances enough to clean up and dress appropriately. After a scan of the entire store, a rational person wonders what is appropriate nowadays?

It is not conceivable that each and every woman and man can apparently go to extra lengths to make themselves appear dirty, messy, unkempt, and in need of a bath. From their hair to their faded T-shirts to their ripped pants to their dirty athletic shoes to the sloppy juxtaposition of the component clothing items, there is not a clean aspect to any of them.... Enough of the clothing talk.
Then there are the women standing in line while having their merchandise checked out. They stand squishing a cell phone between their ear and shoulder, paying and jabbering. They become locked, one with their cell phones. During the entire checkout process they never pause their jabbering or end the call. They just continue to lecture some fool who may -- or may not -- be listening on the other end. To enhance their grocery store grandstanding theatrics, they talk extra loudly.
When the check out process is completed, they announce to the checker and other customers that they "apologize for being on the phone all this time but they have kids and/or husband and/or friends who must be handled immediately". They continue cell jabbering as they start to push their carts brimming with superfluous merchandise out to their minivans and SUVs.
Are they each and all so insecure that they feel empowered in their tiny minds when they appear to be discussing important stuff that absolutely cannot wait lest the sun cease to exist?


"I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. 'Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death."

Thomas Paine


"These are the times that try men's souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman."

Thomas Paine


You won't understand this.
You have demonstrated your inability to understand.
Why would you waste your oh-so-precious time reading this?
The USA is broke. It owes so much debt and interest that it will require several decades of genuine prosperity for it to pay off its debt and interest obligations.
When interest rates go up -- which they will -- the US government will not only be broke but it will not be able to pay the interest payments on its current debt or be able to borrow additional money.

You know that you are entitled to the entitlements that the US government has promised because you have been told that you are special. The US government has promised.
Who do you expect to pay you the money that you know you are entitled to?

The time is quickly approaching when the government will not be able to provide entitlements it has promised. The government will not have the money to provide so much that you know it owes you.
Even so, you may still believe you are entitled. You may know that the government owes you and you will make demands.
However, the day is approaching when the government will simply tell you with a cold, apologetic stare in a phony, emotionalized tone that it can no longer provide your entitlements.
You will continue to believe that your are entitled.

At that time you will observe that government officials and politicians continuing receiving salaries and entitlements. They will claim this to be only fair since they operate the government for your benefit.
You will be entitled to not understand this situation. When these facts come into confluence and change your life you will argue that you remain entitled as your government promised.

However your argument and beliefs will not matter. Your government will not have money to pay you. Your government will disavow all responsibility to provide for you. At that point you will learn what it means to be self-sufficient.... Or you will not survive.
Then your question may be, "Am I entitled to a government funeral?".


America, The Pathetic
America's song "America The Beautiful" has been erased. It has been replaced by "America The Pathetic".
Americans are a pathetic bunch. We bicker and yell at each other across real and imagined divides. All the while we accept and elevate the most unworthy among us and empower them to rule over us.
Americans argue amongst themselves. We ally with others to battle forces that could rescue us. We reinterpret the Constitution, laws, rules of civility, and ethics that allowed America to build itself into America, the most important and successful experiment in history.
Americans, some openly, some privately, demand of a higher power that He remedy the darkness that for decades they allowed to be imposed upon them.
Americans have become unworthy, self-involved, lazy. Americans are confused, lost, groping for an easy fix. Americans plead to their favorite special force or God to effect release from their self-imposed dungeon. They promise that, since they follow His directives, He should effect their release.
In typical American lazy fashion, after having permitted a poisonous being to usurp their liberty, they now plead to another Being to mystically release them from a dungeon that they herded themselves into.

Americans do not deserve anyone's sympathy. We allowed this poison to infest our paradise. Now our paradise is being transformed into a prison. Will none of us stave off this poison? Will we continue to allow this poison to divide us leading us to further decay?
Will Americans permit a potential restorative leader to come forth? Is there a restorative leader willing to sacrifice enough to evoke Americans' innate love of liberty? Or will we further permit the poison to divide us?

Americans do not deserve their own sympathy, however, we will provide it to ourselves. While wallowing in self-pity we pretend to have faith that our America will somehow mystically rejuvenate itself while we pretend to have faith in some higher power.

Americans, continue to bicker amongst yourselves while praying that some high power delivers you from your passively accepting self-imposed dungeon. This is the road to the lowest, most painful, and least productive place. It is the road to serfdom.
Americans are receiving that which they deserve. We have proven ourselves unworthy of the liberty and freedoms passed willingly from the Founding Fathers and the many who sacrificed their ALL so that Americans forever might be free to achieve their most. Today's Americans have failed.


Now You Know How It Feels
All Americans Are Subordinated To An Unskilled, Self-centered, Malevolent, Place-holding Inferior
May 1, 2011, the USA's Navy SEALS used CIA-obtained and calculated intel to wipe Osama off the earth. On May 1, 2011, Obama initiated his regular plan. He did as he has always done. He took credit for other people's accomplishments. Then, for several days and no doubt throughout his ongoing campaign for the 2012 presidential election, he spiked the football, posing for campaign images with 9/11 victims, at 9/11's Ground Zero, with military men and women, and with anything that might make him appear instrumental in having eliminated Osama bin Laden.

All Americans should learn by watching BO take credit for doing something that he could not do, could not imagine doing, has no idea of how to do, would never have the courage to do, is not and never will be prepared to do, and has no concern except for how it may be twisted to convolute and masquerade his weak, lying, cheating, un-American, anti-American communist being.

All Americans should experience first hand some of what many Americans have experienced for several decades. That is, millions of Americans working in offices, factories, restaurants, shops, applying to enter prep schools, colleges and universities, studying subjective curricula, and applying for myriads of positions have been relegated to back of the line status simply because they did not fit the proper profile or have a once-wronged parentage. These often more qualified and more skilled Americans have been barred from entry, given lower grades, passed over for promotions, and disallowed from earning raises.
All Americans now suffer a lowered standard of living, a decayed work force operating in an degraded work place because their management, coworkers, and subordinates are not up to the tasks at hand. Too often inferior workers must be carried and their work must be supplemented by that of the more qualified.

All Americans now are subordinated to an unqualified, unskilled, sociopathic, juvenile president. America has saddled itself with an affirmative action president who is not capable of growing into the presidency, cannot adapt using his experience, will never consider anyone but himself, refuses and is incapable of learning, who will push, shove, and lie America into complete economic, cultural, moral, and global trade ruination.
One day too far from today, he will slither away, chin raised, to retire with his sycophants still adoring him as they forever fail to realize that he has degraded their lives, lifestyles, and their futures.
But BO will be fully prepared for the one role that will suit this empty suit:  Head of the United Nations.


Besieged of himself, overrun by vindictive, malevolent obsession, searching to control humanity, playing videos of himself like an aging Hollywood starlet, bin Laden watches from within his filthy hovel in Abbottabad.
Here is pictured the leader of those who believe they know best how to live. Here sits the leader of those who would instruct humanity on how to live. Here sits bin Laden, self-imprisoned for years in a squalid room in a garbage-strewn, filthy hovel. Here he sits, the obsessed creature, who plans and gives orders for loyal followers to commit suicide while killing innocents.
Apparently this was the best al Qaeda could find to follow.


This Right Is Your Entitlement
Too many of today's politicians are politicians because they suffer a desperate need to control people.
We allow these malevolent weaklings to float into political power -- we abdicate our power to them -- because we choose genuine and productive lives. We choose to live productively, not administratively. We do not have need to control others. We control ourselves, thereby earning satisfaction and contentment while being productive in our professions.  Learn more here about your right.


Operation Tragedy Real
It is sad, destructive, and horrific. It will result in the ongoing waste of resources, deep human suffering, and daily misery impacting decent people everywhere.
A decade after 9/11/2001, problems pertain to issues of appearance. Ten years after 911....


What Did Not Change
Bin Laden is dead. And... in unreported news....
What has not changed and is not likely to change for the better is the ongoing flagrant violation of the Logan Act. This US law prohibits any US citizen from acting on his own while appearing to represent the people or government of the USA in negotiations, deal-making, or any diplomatic role with foreign powers, their representatives, or other entities working to undermine the USA or foreign powers.
Bill Ayers, George Soros, and others funded and empowered by these men continue to organize, fund, and assist rebel and government representatives of the Middle East, South America, Africa, and elsewhere. These two men, empowered with financial and intellectual resources, are changing geopolitical relationships.
And the US State Department remains passive and impotent, ignoring global changes that are, over the near and long terms, directly undermining and diminishing the USA.


When Obama announced the death of Osama Bin Laden, he referenced himself over 25 times. He referenced the US military no more than 4 times.
It appears that he truly believes credit is due him for capturing Bin Laden. The obvious truth is that the intelligence and military personnel whom he has scorned and endeavored to diminish over his career deserve the credit. These brave, intellectually alert patriots deserve all the credit. They persisted not only in the hunt for Bin Laden despite all obstacles Obama and many others have placed in their way.


Credit for Bin Laden's Killing Goes Entirely to Special Operators
That they reportedly did in a textbook helicopter-borne assault conducted primarily by members of the Development Group (DevGru formerly known as SEAL Team Six), supported by a few CIA operatives, raiding a compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, not far from the capital of Islamabad.

Learn more from W. Thomas Smith Jr.


Who Deserves Credit For Cleansing Civilization?
You will wish you could say that you wrote this piece.  It comes from one of the many anonymous Armed Forces veterans to whom we owe our undying gratitude.
Read the facts here.


The most derogatory term that can be applied to person is "consumer".
A consumer consumes, uses up, creates waste, trash, and pollution. There is no direct implication that a consumer produces anything of value.
Today in America we have far too many consumers. Too many Americans simply consume.  They produce little to nothing of genuine value.  They too often derive their financial wherewithal from government, charitable handouts, and wages that have grown excessive.
What little these consumers produce is worth far less than what they receive for having produced it.
This is why America is failing.
America will continue to fail, decline, and lose relative to several genuine producing nations until Americans produce goods and services that are worth more than what they receive in wages, benefits, and bonuses.
Are you a consumer or a producer? What portion of each are you?

Socialism fails because consumers consume more than they produce. Capitalism can flourish because capitalists produce productivity.


The Mendacity of BO
By Steve McCann
"While I have always been wary of and have written about his dishonesty, after the speech the president delivered the 13th of April regarding the federal budget, one that was chock full of lies, deceit, and crass fear-mongering, it must be said that Barack Obama is the most dishonest, deceitful, and mendacious person in a position of power I have ever witnessed.
That performance was the culmination of four years of outright lies and narcissism that have been largely ignored by the media, including some in the conservative press and political class who are loath to call Mr. Obama what he is in the bluntest of terms: a liar and a fraud.  That he relies on his skin color to intimidate, either outright or by insinuation, those who oppose his radical agenda only adds to his audacity.  It is apparent that he has gotten away with his character flaws his entire life, aided and abetted by the sycophants around him, thus he is who he is and cannot change.
The question becomes is he a compulsive liar or a sociopath?"
Continue learning. Click here.


Broke. Out of money. There is no more money. You have no money. Your money is all gone. You do not earn enough to pay your bills. You cannot meet your financial obligations.
You have no money to spend.
If America taxed everyone who makes over $100,000 at the rate of 100% -- that is, if America took all of these people's money -- America still would not have enough money to balance Obama's budget, let alone to pay off any debt.


Funny. Funny?
World Terrorism Alert Levels by John Cleese
The English are feeling the pinch in relation to recent events in Libya and have therefore raised their security level from "Miffed" to "Peeved." Soon, though, security levels may be raised yet again to "Irritated" or even "A Bit Cross." The English have not been "A Bit Cross" since the blitz in 1940 when tea supplies nearly ran out. Terrorists have been re-categorized from "Tiresome" to "A Bloody Nuisance." The last time the British issued a "Bloody Nuisance" warning level was in 1588, when threatened by the Spanish Armada.
The Scots have raised their threat level from "Pissed Off" to "Let's get the Bastards." They don't have any other levels. This is the reason they have been used on the front line of the British army for the last 300 years.
The French government announced yesterday that it has raised its terror alert level from "Run" to "Hide." The only two higher levels in France are "Collaborate" and "Surrender." The rise was precipitated by a recent fire that destroyed France 's white flag factory, effectively paralyzing the country's military capability.
Italy has increased the alert level from "Shout Loudly and Excitedly" to "Elaborate Military Posturing." Two more levels remain: "Ineffective Combat Operations" and "Change Sides."
The Germans have increased their alert state from "Disdainful Arrogance" to "Dress in Uniform and Sing Marching Songs." They also have two higher levels: "Invade a Neighbor" and "Lose."
Belgians, on the other hand, are all on holiday as usual; the only threat they are worried about is NATO pulling out of Brussels.
The Spanish are all excited to see their new submarines ready to deploy. These beautifully designed subs have glass bottoms so the new Spanish navy can get a really good look at the old Spanish navy.
Australia , meanwhile, has raised its security level from "No worries" to "She'll be alright, Mate." Two more escalation levels remain: "Crikey! I think we'll need to cancel the barbie this weekend!" and "The barbie is canceled." So far no situation has ever warranted use of the final escalation level.
-- John Cleese - British writer, actor and tall person
P. S.   America, under their new Socialist administration, has decided not to be the World Leader this time and to hand over control to the UN and NATO, who are still debating if Iran really is developing nuclear weapons. The American policy is to call for removal of only Dictators who mean no harm to them, and to defend the rebels, even if they may be Al Qaeda.
Israel anyone?


America's Future
The Chevy Volt is GM's version of the electric hybrid auto that is designed to save energy and be green at the same time.

Nissan manufactures its version called the Leaf.

Both autos are equally effeminate.

The Chevy Volt -- or any other electric-gasoline or gasoline-electric hybrid -- runs on gasoline when needed, and also electricity that was previously stored in its battery.
But where does the electricity that over several hours charges its battery come from? Where does the owner get electricity to charge the battery?
Owners will have some choices as to where they obtain the electricity to charge the Chevy Volt's battery over the several hours required for a full charge.
Some choices include:  1.)  Regular house current;  2.)  Special $2,500 charging station installed in their garages;  3.)  Public charging stations.
Where will the electricity supplied to these charging sources come from?
Nuclear reactors, coal-fired electric generating facilities, natural gas power generators are the most common sources of electric generation.
Of course, each of these uses non-green carbon-based sources or nuclear fission: They are carbon-based or nuclear derived.
Therefore, the use of carbon and nuclear is simply shifted from the automobile itself to power generation facilities.
And you thought it was a cute little car that would save the earth....


America has become a nation of takers, not makers.
Over recent decades we have seen the number of potential jobs decline while the number of people needing to support themselves or be supported has increased.  This trend will not change. We are approaching a permanent state wherein individuals will need to create jobs for themselves or serve in bureaucratic mediocrity.
Learn the depths of America's depression here.



Ayers Admits He Wrote Obama Book
On March 24, 2011, Bill Ayers volunteered to cameras and the crowd at Montclair State University that he wrote Obama's so-called autobiography, Dreams From My Father.
Read of the facts here.


And America Has No President
"Once upon a time there lived an emperor. One day two crafty weavers turned up at the palace and offered to make a new suit of clothes for the ruler -- clothes so marvelous that they would be invisible to those unfit for their positions, stupid or incompetent. And so when the emperor stepped out to show off his brand-new attire, the courtiers, fearful of being found out and ridiculed, would not admit to themselves the truth of what their eyes were telling them. Until an innocent child in the crowd of onlookers cried out, "He isn't wearing anything at all!", and the spell was broken.
Hans Christian Andersen did not indicate whether the weavers' names were David Axelrod and David Plouffe, but the similarity is striking. The two Davids brilliantly succeeded in packaging and selling to the country an unknown tyro from Chicago without a past or any visible qualifications other than imposing looks, a resonant voice and an ability to use the teleprompter. Like the weavers in the great Danish writer's fairy-tale, the Obama handlers insulated their candidate against criticism by preemptively warning that any doubt as to his fitness for office was proof positive of mean-spiritedness and racism. And the liberal crowd swallowed the bait hook, line and sinker.
The famous Occam's razor principle states that the simplest explanation is the most plausible one. Applying it to dispel the fog of propaganda, it becomes glaringly obvious that Obama is an accidental president, a lazy and indecisive incompetent devoid of any ability or desire to perform the job to which he was elected by a gullible majority, who loves the perks but hates the duties of his office; who loves to play but hates to work.
Have a good look at the man occupying the White House: what you see is what you get. The Emperor has no clothes."

Victor Volsky,


Aftershock Shock
Japan was devastated by the tsunami and earthquakes of March, 2011.
Following this devastation, there have been no reports of looting, no increase in serious crime, and no civil disobedience. There have been no reports of cannibalism.
Apparently the Japanese people want to rebuild their nation. They understand that recovery requires civil behavior and teamwork.
Americans should recall the days, weeks, months, and years following Hurricane Katrina's infliction of damage to New Orleans. Americans should question why days after that devastation there were reports of cannibalism, looting, and an increase in serious crimes. Americans should question why the reports of cannibalism were proven to have been contrived. Americans should question why so many people of New Orleans defrauded the government handout of debit cards by making false claims and multiple claims.
Apparently the people of New Orleans approach disaster in a manner different from the Japanese people. The people of New Orleans demonstrated that to them a disaster is an opportunity not to rebuild, but to take, take, take.


Japan's Recovery From Its Long Recession Is Now Assured
Japan was hit by one of the worst earthquakes and tsunamis of recorded history in March, 2011. Japan experienced massive destruction and death.
The Japanese are industrious, productive, intelligent people. They will cooperate, organize, and rebuild.
Japan will be required to spend and borrow heavily in order to finance its recovery and reconstruction. Unlike the borrowing and spending by America recently, Japan's resources will be invested in its long term prosperity. Japan will spend its borrowings and regular revenue on tangible projects that will provide jobs for its people for many decades. This, in contrast to America which has and continues to spend its so-called stimulus monies on service jobs and patch work infrastructure. America's spending merely maintains the failing status quo rather than providing jobs that will produce needed products and services over the long term.
Tomorrow's reconstructed Japan will be an advanced, precise machine designed and methodically constructed with thoughtful vigor. It will outshine and potentially surpass nearly all competing nations for economic supremacy and improved lifestyles for the majority of its people.
Japan will demonstrate to the world how to recover and become stronger as a result of a catastrophe rather than how to whine and remain a victim.

Japan will contrast starkly against the city of New Orleans which experienced Hurricane Katrina in 2005 and has yet to recover. New Orleans continues to rot rather than recover. The people of New Orleans have chosen, and continue to choose, to remain Katrina's victim. They choose to not rebuild New Orleans into a stronger, more substantial home and business center.
Japan will rebuild itself as fully and rapidly as did the people of Homestead, Florida when they were devastated by Hurricane Andrew in 1992.
The contrast between New Orleans, Homestead, and the future Japan is the major tragedy of America.

NOTE: No, Bastiat's broken window parable does not apply here. Japan will replace old, destroyed, and damaged with new, greatly improved, designed to be more efficient, technologically advanced infrastructure, equipment, housing, farming, and electric generation. This is not, as in Bastiat's parable, a simple, equal in function window replacement.


Beethoven Is Dead
Heifetz is no longer playing his violin.
Hayek is no longer theorizing and teaching economics.
The space shuttle is no longer a symbol of contemporary America's desire to explore and learn, thereby providing hope for productive change and improvement of life styles while enjoying the music of the master composers, artists, and thinkers.
Instead, the American people have succumbed to a moron who promises hope and change. The American people failed to realize that they voted themselves lives of living not their hopeful and oft improving lives, but rather Obama's hope and change. His hope and change is implemented using the thoroughly tested and failed schemes known as socialism and communism. Obama's hope and change is dictated by that empty headed nothing organism, the pathological narcissist, Obama.

American people, what was so very, very, very wrong with America that you fell for this socialist who wants to take from you your liberty, your wealth, and your innate ability to pursue and achieve your dreams?
Beethoven is dead and he will not be replaced in today's America -- nor in today's Germany.


America's Future
"Paraphrasing the noted economist and philosopher F.A. Hayek, Future Freedom Foundation President Jacob Hornberger wrote, "There is no difference in principle, between the economic philosophy of Nazism, socialism, communism, and fascism and that of the American welfare state and regulated economy.""

Mark Alexander,

"Not only is there no economic distinction between socialist systems in different political wrappers, ultimately there is no consequential societal distinction between Marxist Socialism, Nationalist Socialism, or the most recent incarnation of this beast, Democratic Socialism. The conclusion of socialism by any name, once it has replaced Rule of Law with the rule of men, is tyranny."
"Noted Russian dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn, no stranger to the consequences of statism, wrote, "Socialism of any type leads to a total destruction of the human spirit.""
Read the essay by Mark Alexander, publisher,


You Have No Money -- You Are Broke
The US budget deficit for the full YEAR 2007 was $163 billion.
The US budget deficit for the single MONTH of February, 2011, was $233 billion.
The US now owes more than $14,000,000,000,000. How much more can it borrow?
Imagine that your household owes $1,000,000. Would you ever able able to repay your debt? America's politicians are similar to a spouse who refuses to stop spending, regardless of how many jobs you work attempting to save and pay the family's bills.

All Americans who pay taxes, those who pay no taxes, and even Americans taking handouts falsely called entitlements, you have no money. Nearly all of you have come to believe that America would always have more to give and if not, America could borrow from somewhere. What if China and other lenders decide to lend no more?
America's ride is ending. There is no more money. America is near the upper limit that the Federal Reserve Bank can create and distribute. It may create more money, but each dollar will be worth less... and your money will become near worthless. Then you will feel -- and understand -- what it means to be broke.

What sort of people have Americans put in charge of their nation and themselves? What sort of people could be elected to the US Senate, the US House of Representatives, The US Presidency, and state legislatures that would continue spending money that does not exist?
America's credit cards are maxed out.



Iconic Statement
It is a narcissistic and deranged society that too often labels people and situations iconic when they are actually weirdly mundane.


America's Coal Car
This is the Chevy Volt, GM's electric car.

This is the car that the US government has promoted and used taxpayer money to produce.

Its base list price, MSRP, is $40,280.

The Chevy Volt runs on electricity. It must be plugged in to an electric outlet and charged for several hours before it can be driven. It will then travel about 35 miles before switching to its 4-cylinder gasoline engine.
Where does the electricity that charges the car's battery come from?
Approximately 56% of all electricity used in America is coal-generated.
Therefore, the Chevy Volt runs on coal that has been converted to electricity that charges the battery in this 3,800 pound vehicle... for the first 35 miles anyway.
And Americans joke about the Yugo...?


Look In A Mirror
Click here to see what you may see.


There will come a day when even the United States of America has no more to give.
That day will arrive when the United States of America has no more that even today's vastly overly-empowered, unworthy, self-entitled takers can take.
There will come a time when there is no more remaining to take, steal, or demand. Entitlements will be as worthless as the people who demand them.

Now we know the exact date of when this will occur.

You may denounce, vilify, shout, and flail your arms in frenzied disdain at living and dead white European males. But who designed, built, and continually improves Western Civilization so that, through no effort on your part, your life is improved?
And when others demanded and were ceded control of Western Civilization based upon their gender, race, ethnicity without having demonstrated competence and wisdom, what happened? Yes, they dirtied and ruined whatever they were handed.

Let us hope that America can recover from its effeminate, nihilistic, weakened condition.


If you think the decline in the DJIA from the October, 2007 all-time high was severe, consider the following quantitative history of human psychology.
The DJIA's all-time high reached in October, 2007, faded throughout 2008 to the low reached in March, 2009.

September 3, 1929:  The DJIA  reached 381.17, the closing peak for the bull market of the 1920's.
October 28, 1929:  The DJIA lost 38.33 points to close at 260.64, losing 12.8% of it value.
October 29, 1929:  The DJIA lost 30.57 points to close at 230.07 losing 11.7%.
Over the two days October 28 and 29, the total DJIA loss was 24.5%.
October 30, 1929:  The DJIA rose 28.40 points to close at 258.47. That was 12.34%, the second largest percentage gain of the DJIA.
October 6, 1931:  The DJIA rose 12.86 points to close at 99.34, largest percentage gain of the DJIA, 14.87%.
July 8, 1932:  The DJIA fell .59 to close at 41.22.  The decline from September 3, 1929 to July 8, 1932 totaled 339.95 points, 89.19%.

It was not until 1954 that the DJIA returned to the all-time high it had reached on September 3, 1929.
Beware of false valuations that have been created through arrogant and ignorant market participants groping for bottoms.


Socialized Medicine
Great Britain and Canada have nationalized health care systems. In each country there is one payer for health care services: the national government. These systems are called single payer systems.
In each country the health care system has been known by the same term since being established. That term is socialized medicine.
In 2010, the US Congress passed legislation that established the federal government as the only insurer and approver of health care services for all Americans. All Americans will be covered by this federal health care system. The federal government will pay for only those health care costs that it approves. The federal government will be the only legal insurance provider.
That is socialized medicine.
In 1994, when Clinton attempted to pass health care legislation, it was correctly called socialized medicine. Americans recognized it as socialized medicine and rejected it. Do Americans today fail to understand that Obamacare is socialized medicine?


Your Co-workers
Consider the people you work with. How concerned and involved are your co-workers?  How reliable are your co-workers?
Consider various professions and tradesmen with whom you interact.
What about you? How much effort, concern, and respect do your co-workers have for your skills and job performance? Do you dare to click here?


Assume Nothing
Many people assume that they can win and close a debate by proclaiming such concepts as "the Founding Fathers did not intend for that"... or "the US Constitution does not permit such action"... or "the US Constitution guarantees such right or liberty of action".
People who insist upon invoking conceptually-based terminology that is in itself dependent upon their foes' understanding and acceptance of basic concepts will lose their arguments and their cause.  Wonder why? Learn here.


The Debate Has Been Resolved In The Laboratory
In August, 1971, the US abandoned the gold standard. Overnight the US dollar was disconnected from the value of gold. The US dollar was no longer backed by, or convertible into gold.
At the moment the US disconnected its currency from gold's value, it initiated a grand experiment. The laboratory was the US economy. The experiment was to resolve the question which some who fail to understand the experimental nature of economics still rage over today. That experiment is denoted by the question, "Can a global economy operate and continue to grow when its currency is not backed by any more than the issuing government's credibility and the users' faith in that government's credit?".  Learn the facts here.


Report From A Recon Marine In Afghanistan
Freedom is not free... but the U.S. Marine Corps will pay most of your share.
From the Sand Pit it's freezing here.  I'm sitting on hard, cold dirt between rocks and shrubs at the base of the Hindu Kush Mountains, along the Dar 'yoi Pomir River, watching a hole that leads to a tunnel that leads to a cave.  Stake out, my friend, and no pizza delivery for thousands of miles.


BP's Revenge
In spring of 2010, British Petroleum's Macondo well in the Gulf of Mexico erupted and spewed crude oil into the Gulf for 87 days. The foot-on-the-throat Obama administration applied several punitive pressures upon BP. The Obama administration was front and center for several weeks performing what it believed to be a show of strength.
Specifically, the Obama administration forced BP to sell off assets, including proven oil reserves, in order to pay for fines, reimbursements, and costs of plugging the errant well. The Obama administration forced BP to establish a $20 billion fund to pay for known and yet-unidentified expenses. Obama assigned his czar Kenneth Fineberg to oversee the payout to fisherman and others who claim direct and indirect losses due to the oil spill. The Obama administration appears prepared to proceed with legal measures that will exact fines and apply other damages to BP for years to come.
The Obama administration very visibly forced BP into a position which caused it to suspend its dividend for three quarters, thereby impacting all shareholders, including pension investors.
BP remains the US's largest producer. Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder is spearheading an investigation that could result in billions of dollars in fines and prosecution of BP and/or its employees. Potentially the US may use anti-pollution laws to suspend some BP operating licenses and bar BP from government contracts.

Obama's Consequences:  BP's New Ally & Assets
BP is now pulling out of Alaskan exploration. This, at a time when the Alaskan pipeline is under utilized due to existing wells' declining reserves and the failure of the Obama administration to permit new exploration and drilling.
BP is now partnering with Russia's largest oil producer, OAO Rosneft. BP has agreed to a $7.8 billion share swap with OAO Rosneft. This will effectively replace -- at less than one-half the cost -- nearly all reserves BP sold in order to pay for the Gulf of Mexico spill.
BP will now share with its new partner, the Russian Rosneft oil company, valuable technology it developed while plugging the Macondo well.
BP's agreement with Rosneft opens Arctic fields in the Kara Sea off Russia's coast. This covers an area the size of Britain's North Sea oil reserve field and could hold 100 billion barrels.

BP management has demonstrated that it can perform effective strategic planning. It has completed deals that will yield a net gain for BP.
Obama has demonstrated that for a gain of a few billion dollars he can destroy international relationships, lose technical expertise, shut down oil exploration, and use his office to bully. Obama has cost the US revenue and caused America to lose global prestige.


The Nelson Family
David Nelson, the last survivor of the Ozzie & Harriet Nelson family, passed away at the age 74.

David Nelson and his brother, Rick, joined their parents, Ozzie and Harriet, on their radio comedy in 1949. In 1952, the show moved to TV where it ran for 14 years. During these years the family became known by millions of Americans.

Those who today sneer at the Nelson's portrayal of an American family are jealous and envious. 

What would these people prefer for themselves?  Perhaps an "All In The Family", "Seinfeld", "Nanny", "Sanford & Son", or any other of the many recent portrayals of sick and low class American family life that pervades TV programming and news.

Of course the Nelsons must have had problems, but at least they cared enough about each other to cooperate over several decades in more than just acting in a TV setting.
Imagine if today's weirdoes including Bill Ayers, Bernardine Dohrn, and BO had had families like the Nelson family. Surely they would not be as angry at other Americans, resentful of America's success, and now be working for the downfall of America.


The Song Of Bernardine
In 2007, Dorhn told a group that she continues to work with her husband and their candidate Obama to destroy the evil that is the United States and to "dismantle capitalism, that evil thing".
Bernardine Dohrn, is the wife of William Ayers and former SDS Weatherman Underground bomb-throwing terrorist. Avowed anti-American seditionist. Pictured left in a Chicago Police Department mug shot from 1969, Dohrn has been living and working in Chicago with her husband.

William Ayers is a long-time Chicago Obama mentor. He has been an Obama instructor and ghost writer. BO announced his candidacy in the home of Dohrn and Ayers.

The Weathermen group is a radical faction of the 1960s' Students for a Democratic Society, SDS. The Weather Underground advocates violent methods to change American society. Its philosophical foundation is Marxist. They believe overthrow of the US by any means is necessary in order to build a revolutionary consciousness among younger white working class.
The Weatherman Underground's original tools of revolution used to be arson and bombing. Targets of Weatherman Underground bombings included the US Capitol building in Washington, the Long Island Court House, the New York Police Department headquarters, the Pentagon, and the State Department.

Bernardine Dohrn has been plotting with her husband and others to change America since the 1960s. Today they understand how much easier it is to fool ignorant, unsuspecting Americans than to throw real bombs. She and her husband are using the freedoms of America to destroy America.
Regarding the 1969 Manson Family slaughters, she reportedly made comments too violent, disgusting, and cruel to be quoted here.

In 2007, Dorhn told a group that she continues to work with her husband and their candidate Obama to destroy the evil that is the United States and to "dismantle capitalism, that evil thing".

Obama, Ayers, Dohrn, and their compatriots are ideologues. That is, they firmly believe in Marxism/Leninism and other forms of socialism.
Only a naive American would believe that Obama will ever shift his objective to consider anything other than destroying the USA. The new $5 trillion of debt that burdens America after less than two years of his control, confirms his long term plan. His use of White House czars further confirms his plans.

Click here to learn what Ayers, Dorhn, Katz & their Weather Underground accomplished as leaders of the SDS and the Weather Underground.


Who Is This?
Imagine a person you work with, who you know and respect. Would that person -- could that person who you respect -- appear in a public work setting in such a manner?

Click here to learn.


The Highest Principle
Many principles are promoted as principles to live by.

Some principles are promoted as principles so fundamental and important that we should die defending them.

Read more here.

When may America's Highest Principle be subjugated in favor of ends that serve less decent purposes and less honorable men?
But what has become of the quite possibly several hundreds of MIA who were knowingly left behind by politicians, top level negotiators, and US presidents?

America has failed in this regard. Americans know this to be true. Americans are demoralized in this knowledge. Americans' government failed to extricate the MIA. This fact demoralizes America's fabric to its most deep core today, decades after the desertion took place.
Americans are dishonored individuals knowing and allowing this Most High Principle to have been ignored.


Understanding Narcissists
They are narcissists because they lack confidence in themselves. If they had confidence, they would be capitalists.
You may -- you really should -- have wondered why there are so many Americans who appear to support the dismantling of capitalism and act as though they are willing to live under socialism. These curious creatures are those Americans who continue to support BO and his band of control freak czars, cabinet appointees, and bureaucrats.
When you open your eyes you frequently observe these narcissists -- the overly self-involved -- in today's America. Just look in your rear view mirror while driving to see that self-important jerk right on your bumper trying to pass on the left or right. Check out the streets for the narcissistic pseudo-athletes running, stretching against lampposts, working out at the gyms, and being beautified at the spas.
When you listen to them, frequently you hear them speak in abruptly fast gibberish. They speak using insecure upspeak intended to distract the listener from their implicitly acknowledged nonsense. These fast talkers are lost in their fears and ignorance. They realize that they should know at least something of what they speak, but know that they don't. Hence they make sounds similar to words, form sentences of incoherent phrases, and hope that the listener fails to ask them to explain exactly what they meant.
Today's self-involved nasalize their voices hoping to sound so harsh that no one will listen or analyze their gibberish. Their normal attire is a consistent simplicity of messy T-shirts, torn jeans, dirty shoes (rarely leather). Their dirty appearance may be complimented by a scruffy, orifice-surrounding beard. They live in messy homes. They drive homely, undesirable cars often strewn with discarded personal effects.
Today's narcissists pretend to care for causes with a religious fervor to an extreme that only desperate losers employ. They show emotional concern for politically correct contrivances such as the environment, failing species, and Mother Earth's limited natural resources.

Today's narcissists are under great pressure. They sense that they are losing the battles that they supported because their so-called leaders from Al Gore to BO are only so-called leaders.
The problem is that their causes are sophistic, illogical, and unfounded. The environment they fret over is massive and stable. It will survive by evolving in spite of the environmentalists. Endangered species will either become extinct or survive according to nature's laws. Diminishing natural resources will be supplanted through technological advances.
Today's narcissistic Americans envy successful Americans. They despise self-made, prosperous Americans who have made themselves special through their own efforts and without government assistance. The enviers of successful Americans realize that they are not adequate and cannot ever achieve in the ways that successful capitalists have and will continue to succeed.

In order to dismantle America and inflict pain upon successful Americans, the narcissist America haters work to empower the state. They know that an empowered state will punish successful American capitalists. They know that an overly-empowered state will enact confiscatory taxes and hardships upon successful Americans. Supremely, they know that an overly-empowered state will work to damage successful white males who are the personification of the United States of America and its 230 years of success.

Today's America-hating narcissists suffer the fallacies that have developed and recently surged in short-sighted support for BO. The envy they have toward successful American capitalists can only lead to the failure of today's American narcissists.
They fail to understand that the empowered state that they tacitly support through BO can only survive as long as it is nurtured in the sea of capitalism known as the United States of America.


Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk
On the spectrum of possible governments there is the one where the government has little control over most individuals' lives. The other end of the range is where the government controls nearly everything that each individual does.
This second form of government is known to be labeled variously as socialist, communist, Communist, Marxist, Leninist.
Today Americans are discussing the narrow range of possible forms of the US government. These forms range from some increased taxes and government control to somewhat decreased taxes and less government control.

Americans would be wise to awaken to the realities of the government they have elected and the bureaucracy that it has assembled over recent decades.
In 2008 Americans elected BO to be their president. Americans should judge BO by his own words and the people whom he has positioned and allocated power to in the White House and government departments and bureaucracies.
BO and his government appointees, White House czars, and regulatory bureaucrats are using the organs of the US government, that is, departments including SEC, FCC, HHS, EPA, Justice, Treasury, Transportation, Department of Education, Homeland Security, the military, and other previously established operating mechanisms to bypass Congressional checks and balances. BO and his government are implementing Marxist/Leninist controls that will encompass and control all Americans.

The end result, the final model that these followers of BO have planned includes the taking possession of your property, including your home, your education, your financial resources, and guiding your personal life by allowing and disallowing according to their plans. At some point in their plan, the state, using its bureaucracies, will allocate where you may live, how much money you may keep, how much of all you earn may remain yours.
Americans can continue debating, arguing, discussing, and failing to understand what is being done to their America -- and to each of them. Unless a majority awakens and resists this takeover, they will one day be harshly and rudely awakened from their ignorance and passivity to find themselves wards of the State.


You Will Be Your Judge
Give up a candy bar and you will regret it briefly only to move on to another treat.
Lose a friend and will move on to make new friends.
Surrender liberty and you will lose a treat, pleasure, friends, and the lifestyle that you did not realize made life worth living.
After you have surrendered your liberty you will realize that everyday life is less enjoyable, your work is less productive, and you have less potential for long term success. You will perceive what you lost. You will see that you will not easily recover your lost liberty, opportunity, and enjoyment of life.
You will be relegated to a life of servitude in aspects you never previously contemplated before when you just somehow knew that your liberty was guaranteed and that it was your entitlement.


How many days from now will the barrage of regulations, rules, mandates, and executive orders start flowing from the White House?
The BO czar brigade will be seen in historical perspective as having expended years designing an attempted takeover of Americans' lives, removal of liberty, and imposition of unhappiness. Their despotism will be immediately displayed through government agencies including the SEC, FCC, HHS, EPA, Justice, Treasury, Transportation, Department of Education, Homeland Security, the military, and more. There will be additional despotic controls applied to Americans covertly embedded in bureaucracies. Years will be required to dismantle the BO regime's despotism.
Americans will be forced to resist or suffer imposition of barriers to progress and happiness as never before imagined possible in the United States of America.

The Chinese Restaurant
Stopping for lunch at an authentic Chinese restaurant that is operated by Chinese people is an enlightening experience for those who are both hungry and observing.
Hunger can readily be appeased and turned into an over-full condition.
It is the observation that can ruin that good-tasting chow mein.
Observe how efficiently each worker completes his tasks. His interactions with customers may not be smooth, yet they are often friendly. More than anything, the staff and management are focused upon taking orders, cooking, serving, cleaning up, and collecting money.
Focused efficiency results in each worker's successful and complete satisfaction of his job. Soon he is prepared for his next set of tasks -- customer.
Inside this small Chinese restaurant, it is difficult for an observing -- and thinking -- American to understand how the American labor force might be able to compete with the billions of Chinese workers. The American labor force has its core unionized, is relatively over-paid, is often slow to complete tasks, is resistant to innovation, and is stubbornly set in its mode of not over working nor skipping a holiday.
If the billions of Chinese working in China are as focused on efficient, successful completion of their tasks, America's millions have a serious competitive problem. America must turn this problem into a challenge... very soon.


Imagine that you understand nothing at all -- absolutely nothing -- about anything to do with chemistry, physics, mathematics, economics, and quantitative processes. Imagine that you also fail to understand or even perceive the myriad of factors that motivate individuals in their daily lives.
Imagine that you have never considered what forces demoralize individuals thereby inhibiting their success and productivity. Imagine that you have never contemplated anything regarding what motivates people to perform well on a job, to achieve over the long run, to establish themselves by performing well through hard work based upon their need to satisfy themselves and accept personal responsibility.
Imagine that all your life you have considered the world around you and all people you come into contact with as being subservient to you. Imagine that all your life you have resented successful people. Imagine that all your life you have considered all people whom you know and know of as pawns to be manipulated by you.

Imagine that all of your life you have only considered the vagaries of politics. You have studied only politics and social sciences. Any history you studied was perverted and smattered with interpretations designed to support political constructs that involve control of masses of individuals.
You have constructed your every perception and resultant thought and explanation of daily life based upon your understanding of politics. You believe that you can manipulate people using deception, false construction of circumstances, and contrived promises that are actually lies. You implement only these political tools because you know that you can convince people to award power to you using these methods.

Imagine that one day, after having risen through the political ranks using all of these subjective political elements you win election to the nation's highest office. You are suddenly handed the opportunity to be in charge of and control the entire American population, its resources, its future.

There is no need to imagine why American politicians care not for rules, integrity of America's legal system, the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, nor the magnificence of the imperfect, but most near-perfect nation ever conceived by mankind, the United States of America.
There is no need to imagine it since November, 2008.

All consequence is on open display before us. Americans chose a spoiled juvenile as their leader. Americans failed to see that he is as far from being a leader as can be. He embodies not one element of leadership. He is a demander who, when he fails to be given his way, lashes out in anger at any and all who have opinions at variance with his. He takes any defeat as personal attack and lashes out at anyone who disagrees simply for having opinions contrary to his.
There is no need to imagine, for BO is the juvenile whom Americans chose to lead them down the repeatedly failed pathway of socialism.


This Time Alone
Reflection On The Anniversary, December 7, 2010, A Day That Is Living In Infamy
On December 7, 1941, the Japanese -- in a ruthless surprise attack upon Pearl Harbor -- killed nearly 3,000 human beings. It was Japan's attempt to prevent America from joining the resistance against evil that had taken control of Japan. The onslaught at Pearl Harbor destroyed much of America's Pacific-based Naval and air power. It was followed by Japan's march over South Pacific nations. The Japanese inflicted mass torture and starvation, and committed brutal war crimes against civilians and military personnel over the following years.
Pearl Harbor awoke Americans. America joined Britain, France, Australia, and other nations then under attack from Hitler's Germany and the Emperor's Japan. Fighting for five years beyond Pearl Harbor, the allies defeated fascism and socialism. Such evil always manifests itself in these poisonous political philosophies and operates through an elite class that controls and impoverishes its people.
Japan's defeat in 1945 was not simple retribution for Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor five years prior. Japan's defeat was the recovery of the guarantee of liberty and the suppression of evil. Because there was a Pearl Harbor, there had to be a Hiroshima.

Today America is being attacked from within by the same evil that was defeated decades ago. It has been allowed to arise within America because Americans are forgiving, trusting, decent people. Americans have permitted this attack to manifest itself inside her because most Americans have been busily occupied building and enjoying the liberty and prosperity won in conflicts such as that following Pearl Harbor.

Today Americans are awakening to the evil that is taking control and festers within America.
Just as Pearl Harbor was intended to destroy Americans' spirit, so is today's internal attack from the force of evil intended to divide Americans, softening them for takeover and removal of their liberty and rights. It is speciously perpetrated by the very same individuals who have benefited so much by taking advantage of American institutions of goodness and generosity. Today America's enemy within consists of individuals who feel an emotional need to destroy America's goodness, wash away America's generosity, separate Americans from their right to liberty and mold them into robots devoid of their productive, creative individualism.
This time America will resist, fight, and destroy the evil that festers within without the assistance of nations allied to her defense. Most of America's allies have succumbed and are waging their own struggles to free themselves of internal socialism and the controlling miscreants who became entrenched over decades.

America will demonstrate, alone this time, that she can defeat evil each and every time it rises up. America will defeat the evil that now internally infests and threatens her peace, productivity, and prosperity.


Meritocracy died & has been replaced by dontcareocracy.
There is little reason to apply maximum effort and work as if we lived in a society guided by the rules and ethics of a meritocracy.
People who have little concern for performing well and often have inadequate skill levels realize that they will be given promotions and salary increases regardless of their skills and productivity.
After decades of application of dontcareocracy criteria our institutions are populated with inept and incapable individuals who are overly empowered, arrogant, incompetent and in control.


Why are the majority of outsourced American and European jobs outsourced to Asia but not Africa?


BO continues unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and uncontrolled.
The young boy pictured below, Barack Obama, continues to search for the mom he never had. He wants & needs her to assert herself over him... To be his mom.
BO has aged but has never had his psychological instincts satisfied. He longs for his mommy to care for and to control him. 
He asked Michelle to control him.
He asked Pelosi to control him.
He asked Napolitano to control him.
He asked Sibelius to control him.
BO continues unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and uncontrolled.


WikiLeaks -- CableGate: Consequences
Julian Assange voluntarily inserted himself into the global war. He transformed himself a warrior. He is liable for all consequences that all warriors are liable to suffer.
Beyond Assange is his exposure of the regime's incompetence, disarray, and contempt.  Read here.


Do you know where socialism, progressivism, communism, & Marxism will force you to go?


What does socialism mean to you?
The Nazi Party was a political party in Germany between 1919 and 1945.

Can you name a time or place where socialism has provided comfort, prosperity, or peace for its followers?

What might socialism mean for you?


The preeminent danger developing in America is Sarah Palin as a candidate for the US presidency.
Preeminently Sarah Palin is potentially the most damaging entanglement developing within America today.  She is the next incarnation of self-centered ignorance that was BO some years ago.
Americans lived through BO's announcement at the Lincoln Monument in Springfield, Illinois announcing his candidacy. A minority of Americans understood the danger which has since succeeded in fooling enough of the people enough of the time.
Sarah Palin is especially insidious. She uses ethereal surrogates to embody her vague message. She uses her family, the Alaskan frontier, and US patriotism as tools to manipulate Americans' perceptions of her. She is multi-fanged in her relentless, self-centered, nonsensical pursuit of the American people who are starved for leadership. She is capitalizing on Americans who live in growing trepidation of economic, political, and cultural catastrophes. She is using the same naïveté, void, fear, and ignorance embodied within today's American patriots as BO used when he played Pied Piper to his constituency.
One day an adviser to Sarah Palin will hand her a slogan -- that is, her version of BO's "Hope & Change" vacuous amorphous banality. Then she will be off to the races.


This is a cruel man. This is not a leader -- even when empowered.
BO is a cruel person. His most predominant characteristic is his cruelty.
Observe his actions. Listen to the invectives he applies to his opponents whom he labels the enemy. Watch his reactions under pressure and spotlight.
He is insecure. BO uses his powers to reap vengeance against all Americans who, in his demented mind, he fears today as much as when he was a child. He continues to attack America's accomplishments.
He attacks the American people. He knows they treasure liberty. He strives to control and constrict their health care, redistribute their wealth, and limit their happiness and potentials.


M1A1 Deployment
Please do not warn the enemy of our heavy fire power. Please do not upset the locals.
The US Marine Corps will soon deploy tanks against the Taliban. This will be a first for US forces in the nine-year war in Afghanistan.
The war in Afghanistan is not being fought in 1943 France. There will be no singing in the streets, no dancing and drinking of wine, and few of the other celebratory aspects when the Taliban is removed. There is no need to tip-toe through Afghanistan. The mission should be performed with Marine precision, Marine force, and Marine victory so that the coalition can exit victorious.  Read more here.


The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it and ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.

Benjamin Disraeli


Treason Exposed
Look to the US Constitution & your own rational thinking to see what is required to protect the USA.
There are three references to the words "invasions," "invaded," and "invasion" in the US Constitution. They are here.


War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feeling which thinks nothing worth a war, is worse. A man who has nothing which he cares more about than he does about his personal safety is a miserable creature who has no chance at being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.
-- John Stuart Mill


Why will a newly elected US Congressional Representative join the Congressional black caucus?
Lt. Colonel Allen West, a newly-elected Republican from Florida, has announced that he will join the Congressional black caucus.
Is he first an American and secondly a US Representative? Or is he first a black... or African-American?
The United States of America is the nation whose successful structure of liberty provided LTC West the opportunity to become all that he has earned. Now, following his election, he has relegated being an American to something of lesser import than his being black.
Why should LTC West want to participate with a group whose primary thrust is to make race an issue? Was his race an issue that impeded or impelled him during his career? Was he qualified to be a member of the US House of Representatives? Why should he align with a group that routinely emphasizes race issues ahead of America's issues?
Should other new members of the US House of Representatives join the Congressional white caucus?  Why is there no Congressional white caucus?


QE2 Is A Battle Strategy
The lesson regarding the Fed's QE2 is that the destruction of the American economy is on purpose. It is the only way that the Marxist/Socialists who are running the nation can create their utopia. Everything else is smoke and mirrors. Therefore, whatever this regime tries to do must be thwarted by any means. Saving the Republic is not child's play. All those who are too timid to stop them should just get out of the way.
We are witnessing implementation of the final stage of the Cloward/Piven strategy. That strategy was developed to bring down the US government by burdening it with massively excessive spending and debt.


Americans should hold to principle rather than follow party in order to sustain America.


"The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone; it is to the vigilant, the active, the brave."

-- Patrick Henry


Aftermath -- US Mid-term Elections
Now that BO has experienced a similar baptism of fire as President Bill Clinton did in the 1994 midterm elections, the obvious question is: Will he move to the center in a bid to save his presidency and win re-election?
Will he save his presidency?  Read more here.


How many days until Hillary Clinton resigns from the BO administration to actively initiate her 2012 presidential run?


The Death Of American Dreaming & The Kennedy Camelot
Fifty years ago, American government -- even American society -- entered into a wonderland of youth, prettiness, chic, and charisma.
We see the debris of Hollywood, the sickness of so much celebrity, and the grotesque invention of importance in reality television.  Read the story here.


She Ain't Dead Yet
She's been beaten up. She's mighty sick.
But, no, The United States Of America is not dead yet.

No finer game has ever been invented than the game of baseball. That is, baseball, as it was played during the first half of the 20th century in the USA. The game where kids could aspire, work hard, and believe that they had a chance to earn a place to play with the best. That baseball is the game where players struggled to win a place on a team with teammates whom they played WITH, not against. And they earned $150 a month to start for that privilege. That is the game that matured into a grand finale wherein the best-of-the-best played in the World Series. America had the best, played the best, and earned its title as the world's best.
That game of baseball was played by kids who grew up in the sandlots where after school pick-up ballgames weeded out the less able kids. No, not every kid got picked to play every time. Some kids never got picked. Some kids tried harder and eventually got picked. Some kids got discouraged, left, and moved on to fail or succeed at something else. But most kids of character matured and became worthy Americans.

Today, as successful Americans work to build their lives and the American Dream, the USA herself is being abused by a nasty, vengeful, gang of control freaks. These perpetual juveniles appear to be in control but are actually lost and floundering. These malevolent abusers of power have no regard for liberty, honor, and individual rights. In positions of power generously granted them by successful Americans, these usurpers endeavor to transform the United States of America and destroy the American Dream. They plan to transform the USA into the image of previously failed and now failing nations, including the USSR, several European nations, and each and every other socialist state throughout history.
But today's despotic American demons failed to understand the American people. They underestimated the power of the American Dream.

Those of you who lie around subsisting on government-supplied scraps, continue to do what you do best:  Take & abuse the opportunities provided to you by the USA. Those of you who work for a living get out and vote on November 2. Vote to retake your America.
All true Americans must awake. The United States Of America is not dead yet. Help rescue her.
Do your share everyday!


The Boston Tea Party Was Not A Party
The Boston Tea Party was a statement against over taxation. It announced to America's then king, the King of England, that they were over-taxed and would not accept it any longer.
On December 16, 1773, Americans demanded that British officials in Boston send back to Britain three shiploads of over-taxed tea. British officials refused. A group of colonists boarded the ships and destroyed the tea and throwing it into Boston Harbor. The incident was a watershed event in American history.


Troops Chafe At The Restrictive Rules Of Engagement In Afghanistan & Talks With Taliban


Losing America
The 2010 Index of Economic Freedom lowers the ranking of the United States to eighth out of 179 nations. That's one notch below Canada!
The top 10 countries are... & the bottom 10 countries are...


Obama, The Sham Lawyer
This phony, BO, has a hard time keeping the facts straight.
President Barack Obama is no longer a lawyer. He surrendered his license back in 2008 in order to escape charges he lied on his bar application.  Read the facts here.


What will your America be like?
People voted for hope and change. After nearly two years of empowering the hope-and-change president, how is the USA being transformed?
Think beyond the immediate arguing, shouting, and cocksure opinions. Consider health care, taxation, immigration, military engagements, and environmental issues.
If the forces of the left, the radicals, and this president accomplish what they are attempting to accomplish, what sort of nation will the USA be?
Will you be free to speak, to work, to live the lifestyle you choose? Will the American Dream of self-made prosperity be possible?
Or will the USA be as poverty stricken, tightly controlled, and lacking in opportunity as every other socialized nation?


Fundamental Transformation Of The USA
People look at BO as president and consider his actions regarding the economy, healthcare, immigration, military engagement, environmental issues, and more. His detractors say he is ineffective in implementing corrective measures. His supporters say just give him more time.
People are overlooking the most relevant fact. They are missing the single most meaningful fact.
In his own words, before being elected, he promised to "fundamentally transform the United States of America". His associates, including Bill Ayers & his wife, Bernardine Dohrn, have been committed for decades to, in her own words in 2007, "...dismantle capitalism, that evil thing".
BO is doing everything that he can to accomplish his transformation objective. He is succeeding.
This is change you had better believe in because it is happening.


Six-month Report Shows Obamacare To Be Even Worse Than Critics Thought


Mosque Of 911 Triumph
A National Issue Centered In NY City
Why does the Cordoba Initiative insist upon building a mosque within 500 feet of the World Trade Center's towers?
When a people are conquered, the victorious have earned the right to mark their newly won territory.
Has America been conquered?  Read more here.
Socialism Works
Poverty in the USA has reached a 50-year high.
One in seven Americans now lives in poverty.
Poverty among the working-age population of the US rose to the highest level in almost 50 years.
Poverty among those aged 18 to 64 rose to 12.9%. The overall poverty rate rose to 14.3%.
Americans have been forced to suffer FDR's "New Deal", LBJ’s "War on Poverty", and now BO's "Fundamental transformation of the USA", with its redistribution of wealth from the successful to the less successful.

The US has never been more socialized. Poverty has not been so prominent in 50 years. The correlation is clear and direct. The product of socialism's redistribution is poverty for more people.
The lesson for Americans today is:  More socialism yields more poverty.


Where You Stand
Polls show that 61% of Americans “always or usually” live from pay check to pay check. That is up from 49% in 2008.


Historian Victor Davis Hanson
"Politically divided, committed to two wars, in a deep recession, insolvent and still stunned by the financial meltdown of 2008, our government seems paralyzed. As European socialism implodes, for some reason a new statist U.S. government wants to copy failure by taking over ever more of the economy and borrowing trillions more dollars to provide additional entitlements.
As panicky old allies look for American protection, we talk of slashing our defense budget. In apologetic fashion, we spend more time appeasing confident enemies than buttressing worried friends."


Columnist Carol Taber
"Other presidents have been wrong. Other presidents have been misguided. Other presidents have been weak and pusillanimous and pathetic. Only one truly disdains America. His name is Barack Obama. ... Obama has no soft spot for America.
The unpresidential condescension he feels for our country and its religion- and gun-clinging citizens oozes from his pores and spills out of them in unguarded moments. And that disrespect -- the kind that comes only from those who are clueless about leadership -- gives both aid and comfort to our enemies and leaves those who wish to share in the bounty of our freedom and liberty in the dark."



BO's Redo, The Oval Office
No red, white & blue.  No patriotic Americana.  Only reluctantly did BO allow the American flag... temporarily.
See more here. Photo Credit: AP / J. Scott Applewhite
Typical government so-called improvement. BO & Marie Antoinette O. replaced tradition, classic good-taste, and style. They gave America a Motel 6 lobby. Now the Oval Office coordinates with his wife's wardrobe. Where are the teleprompters? Now the Oval Office looks like so many other cheap dens with beige corduroy, over-stuffed motel furniture and drab brownish everywhere.


Ask Not

"Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country."

Those are the words of JFK.
America's current president, BO, has uttered not a word, not a phrase, not a statement, not a productive concept of importance since taking office. ...Not even since entering politics, unless a person believes that the vacuous "Hope & Change" conveys substance.
BO has never stated, announced, devised, or proclaimed a policy or opinion of substance in support of America. He has never made a statement expressing wisdom on any topic.
BO has failed to make any statement which might be historic in any context.
Instead, BO has spoken of his disdain, disgust, and dislike for America's ideals and Americans' accomplishments.
BO will go down in history as America's most anti-American president. That will be BO's legacy -- not his insight or leadership.


You Cannot Take Anymore
The day will arrive when the United States of America has no more that even today's vastly overly-empowered unworthy, self-entitled takers can take.
You may denounce, vilify, shout, and flail your arms in frenzied disdain at living and dead white European males, but who designed, built, and continually improves Western Civilization?
Will we sit idle whimpering while empowered thugs dismantle capitalism, diminish our rights, and redistribute our earnings to those who have little skill, care not for work, and understand no tradition beyond their contrived pseudo-heritage of abusing each other?


Mosque Of 911 Triumph
A National Issue Centered In NY City
Why does the Cordoba Initiative insist upon building a mosque within 500 feet of the World Trade Center's towers?
When a people are conquered, the victorious have earned the right to mark their newly won territory.
Has America been conquered?  Read more here.


The Plan... Now do you get it?


President Weakness
From the beginning of his term, BO has displayed intrinsic weakness. His only strength emanates from the bullying power of the office -- which he diminishes daily. He demonstrates that he is incapable of fulfilling the responsibilities of his office.
Americans should fear that BO's weakness results in a consequence which may appear to be a seemingly great escape and salvation.  Learn of the potential here.

Socialist Party of America has revealed that 70 US Congressional Democrats belong to its caucus.
It is shocking to know that 20 years after the fall of Communism, so many lawmakers would still be enamored of such a spectacularly failed economic and social system.
Is your US Congressional representative a socialist?


Once Upon A Time
Before the United States of America existed there was constant struggle against tyranny, little optimism, slight chance for a glorious future.
The United States of America was built and has served Americans willing to serve as well as receive. Many millions of men and women have sacrificed. Infinite dreams remain to be realized.
Each of us today, following our forefathers did not break out of despotic, socialist, fascist, and Communist countries and struggle to come to America just simply to now relinquish the American Dream unto today's bunch of control-freak, deranged, vengeful socialists, fascists, and Communists so that they may feed on the fruits of centuries of labor while suppressing our continued progress.   Consider this.


In Obama's lingo, Obama Got His Rear End Kicked
For anyone who thinks BP got its "ass kicked", to use Obama's lingo, consider the facts.
This tale demonstrates Obama's so-called skill.


The Obama presidency increasingly resembles a modern-day Ancien Régime: Extravagant and out of touch with the American people.
About going the way of ancien regimes...
Read the appraisal here.




Two Visions For America
America's current president, the angry, vengeful, juvenile, deranged, narcissistic, self-involved, demanding, spoiled, despicable America-hater has a vision for his America.
Before his election, he promised a "fundamental transformation of the United States of America".
Today Americans are awakening to understand what he meant.
Americans know that socialism, Communism, fascism, centralized control over their daily lives, and the many other forms of despotism planned for them will destroy the American dream and eliminate opportunity and happiness. Prosperity will remain only for the central planners and the elite.

The good inherent in America's first president, George Washington, will emerge and overwhelm this evil. Washington will emerge from the spirit that lives in all genuine American patriots. America will recover stronger and better than ever.


Honor Those Who Are Worthy
Lindsay Lohan, 24, gets her name and face all over the news because she went to jail.
Justin Allen, 23, Brett Linley, 29, Matthew Weikert, 29, Justus Bartett, 27, Dave Santos, 21, Chase Stanley, 21, Jesse Reed, 26, Matthew Johnson, 21, Zachary Fisher, 24, Brandon King, 23, Christopher Goeke, 23, and Sheldon Tate, 27, are Marines that gave their lives for you in less than one week.
Honor those who are worthy. Dismiss those who are not.


"Each State, in ratifying the Constitution, is considered as a sovereign body, independent of all others, and only to be bound by its own voluntary act. In this relation, then, the new Constitution will, if established, be a FEDERAL, and not a NATIONAL constitution."

James Madison, Federalist No. 39


Americans were not considering the wisdom of the Founders until they were struck with BO.


Arrogance grows best in an ignorant mind.


Sell Gold?
When the time comes, where, to whom, and in exchange for what?
We are told each and every day that smart investors are buying gold in order to be prepared for the coming crisis and the likely inflation.
Promoters of the buy-gold strategy apparently expect us to believe that, amidst a crisis possibly including inflation, they will simply give us a then-recent top dollar for our gold, thereby ensuring that we will survive the crisis. Why would they do that?


The Reckoning
For President Obama and Speaker Pelosi, the reckoning is near.
"It simply is not in Obama and Pelosi's DNA to believe ordinary people know what's good for them."
By Dr. Peter Morici, Smith School of Business, University of Maryland
Read Professor Morici's insight here.



If you observe BO, the President of the United States, do something that makes no sense to you, consider why he did what he did.

If you see BO's actions and reactions as illogical, destructive, or counter to what you would expect the President of the United States to do, you are correct.
He understands circumstances and is acting according to his plan.
His plan is to punish Americans and, as he has stated, to "fundamentally transform the United States of America".
Be prepared to live through the consequences of BO's vengeful, destructive course. Or resist.


Every American
Each and every American, whether American-born or naturalized, has been guaranteed all rights and the liberty to build himself into any type of success he chooses. He is protected and guaranteed all rights and liberty by the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and innumerable legal precedents that confirm and reconfirm those guaranteed rights and liberty.
Any American, man or woman, who complains, whines, demands more, or lectures to others about not having yet achieved a deserved level of success, is merely demonstrating his own ineffectual capabilities. Anyone who complains that America is not yet an equal opportunity society is self-promoting at the expense of other Americans.
Any American who accepts today's complaining and whining, whether from a successful individual or unsuccessful, street screaming radical, is simply looking to take more than his fair share from America without contributing his fair share.
Each complainer and whiner should shut up, direct his energy, meager as it may be, toward achieving something meaningful rather than distracting others from their potential and endeavoring to destroy the reality of the American dream.


Reagan & Rand
Wise people listen to those who knew about and understood the evils.
History's only choice is to repeat itself in today's graveyard of thought.


Dick & Jane And Their Too Many Children
During the 1960s, we started creating our dream family that we believed would carry on our fine tradition and be the pride of our lives. We had many children. Maybe too many. We even adopted children from all backgrounds, ethnicities, and races.
We wanted to be good to our children so we rarely said no when they wanted a toy, some unusual food, to hang out with other kids of questionable character, or to go somewhere -- actually anywhere -- when they felt like it.
At some point during our children's early and teenage years, they stopped asking for our permission and started demanding. They demanded everything. And we overlooked their rude demanding attitude and simply gave them everything that they demanded.
Read more of our saga.


Silent Journalists Denote Dead Journalism
Why is it that ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, The New York Times, The Washington Post have not reported any information regarding the following news stories?

1.)  This member of the New Black Panther Party advised black Americans, "Want freedom? Kill some crackers!"

2.)  Charles Bolden, NASA's top administrator, said BO instructed him that, "Perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with predominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math and engineering".


USA Loses Again
It is not possible to do a side-by-side comparison. But let's review the biographical summary of General McChrystal and our commander-in-chief.


The best laid plans of the wisest men often fall asunder after trials and tribulations cause them to blunder.


Exposed:  Empty Heads

Inept Is An Inadequate Description

Just Plain Old-fashioned Stupid

BO has appointed many graduates and professors from Ivy League and other respected schools.
Endeavoring to serve BO, these appointees follow his directives, make decisions, and expose themselves in the media or during their Congressional testimony. They issue orders, change policies, and attempt to direct operations.
Consider the inept actions and ineffective results that BO's clowns have overseen. Specifically, consider the Gulf oil leak, the DOJ's refusal to prosecute the voter intimidation case, the suit brought against Arizona, and US foreign policy as implemented with our allies and our enemies.
In attempting to do their jobs, each and every one of BO's pseudo-erudite clowns has exposed the remnants of a once good educational system gone bad.
BO's appointees are losing their...


Are women acknowledging that they won the Women's Lib Movement & that they don't like the consequences?
Skirts are making a comeback in women's fashion.
Is the return of the skirt a foreshadowing of the return of the lady?
Some observers answer with a cautious and hopeful, "Yes".
Females -- certainly some, not all -- are getting tired of striving to achieve and show off their male bodies.  The skirt's return allows women to transition and return to being female... and possibly even acting like ladies.


What Is Your America About?
Hey, You Who Were Hoping For... What...?
Change... From What You Had... To What...?
Was Your Life Really So Bad?

Each American, natural-born and immigrant alike, should comprehend and acknowledge that all that he and she is, all that they possess, all that they ever hope to achieve, has been and will be made possible by all that is provided at little cost to each by the free republic and capitalistic system of the United States of America.
American style liberty and capitalism provide prosperity for all who work. The American Dream will be preserved and cherished.
Wise Americans who understand this concept refuse to be confused or dissuaded by falsifiers of the American Dream. Wise Americans will not abdicate control or surrender America to an America-hating, socialist regime.

Did you know that the world has been provided a refuge where hundreds of millions have already come hoping for change? Most who are willing to work get change for their hope beyond their wildest dreams.
This refuge was invented, built, and fought for in the late 18th century by America's Founding Fathers. It has been defended frequently ever since. It is called The United States Of America.


Rain's Reign Of Terror
Oil from the Gulf oil leak may be deposited on US farmland and cities.
Hurricanes form when common natural forces and phenomena come into confluence. The forces and phenomena include the Coriolis effect, temperature and humidity differentials, and relatively flat water surfaces that are present in the proper combination. The resulting confluence can form a hurricane.
Millions of gallons of oil have been spewing into the Gulf of Mexico for months from a sea floor. There is no predictable end. This oil is forming an emulsification that is flowing upward and across at various sub-sea levels across the Gulf region.  Learn how this oil will be dispersed far and wide.


McChrystal's Strategy
General McChrystal is a real man. General McChrystal is a dedicated American. General McChrystal is an experienced warrior.
Many Americans do not understand today's America. Many Americans cannot comprehend, process, or intellectualize the reality of today's America. They refuse to see that the man who has been elected President of the United States, the man whom they reflexively look to for patriotic protective policy and action, the man to whom they entrusted the fate of their nation, is an evil, vengeful, America-hating, despotic, angry, narcissistic, deranged juvenile who is determined to destroy America.
General McChrystal did not err or slip up when he allowed the reporter to follow him and his immediate subordinates to develop a story for Rolling Stone Magazine. This reporter was set up. He was fed facts and fact-based opinion regarding elected politicians and their appointees. He was fed these facts so that he could be the messenger used to inform the American people of facts directly from America's top military.
This pawn reporter followed McChrystal's plan. He used the facts that he was fed to expose the weak character traitors permeating the executive branch of the US government from its dear leader on up.
General McChrystal realized that if the War Against Terrorism is prosecuted as it is by the inept and traitorous politicians, America will lose, Americans will die, and America will suffer a de facto defeat.
General McChrystal is an American hero.


Think This Through
The radicals have arisen. They are coming out into the daylight. They are announcing their plans to take over America.
These people profess to be followers of Marx, Alinsky, socialism, Communism. They profess their admiration of Mao, Che, Chavez, and others.
Let us make no judgments here regarding our opinions of these radicals, the writers and ideologies they follow, or of the politicians they admire.
Rather, let us think through implementation of their plans from the taking of power on into the transformation of America phase. Let us assume that they are successful and take over the US presidency, the US Congress, and a portion of the judicial branch of the US government.  Read more here.


Who's A Racist?
By Bert Prelutsky
One of the great mysteries of life is how Democrats have managed to tar Republicans as America’s racists. I mean, unless I’m entirely mistaken about their party affiliation, FDR’s favorite Supreme Court liberal, Hugo Black, and that grand old man of the U.S. Senate, Democrat Robert Byrd, were proud members of the Ku Klux Klan.
It is worth noting that the first three black men elected to the United States Senate, Hiram Revels; Blanche Bruce, who was the son of a slave; and Edward Brooke, were all Republicans.
George Wallace, Orval Faubus, Strom Thurmond and even Theophilus “Bull” Connor, all came to political prominence with a (D) after their name.  Read more here.


This is a real sign in Arizona just off Interstate 8. There can be no more camping south of I-8.
Apparently the US government has surrendered and ceded part of Arizona to the smugglers and cartels of Mexico.
The USA had better wake up and pay attention. This is only the beginning of what we all should expect in our backyards.
This is not an exaggeration. Tourists and Arizona natives have stopped hiking some of their favorite mountains and canyons because of the smuggling dangers. Who wants to carry more guns and ammo than water in order to survive in the Arizona desert? That is what has come to pass. Maybe your state is next.


Are you one of America's Patriot Readers?


Please Answer
From within the safety and comfort of the USA, some people claim that capitalism, liberty, and individual freedom as implemented in the USA is harmful. If that is so, how is it that the USA built itself into the most productive, most economically successful, and most desirable homeland where millions of people want to live?


America Was The Object Of The Most Peaceful & Largest Coup In World History: November 4, 2008
Within days of being sworn in as president, BO activated a plan. The plan was likely in the making for several years. BO was the tool used by the designers of the plan to take over the United States of America. Implementation of the plan required BO to be elected president.
Should you doubt this, consider all that you have learned about the BO administration, BO's personal history, his associates before and since his election, and all of his actions since becoming president. To learn more, click here.

Especially since the recent reaction to the Turkish activists' ship attempting to break the embargo into Gaza, you should know of this act of BO's within days of becoming president.
Federal Register: February 4, 2009 (Volume 74, Number 22)
DOCID: fr04fe09-106FR Doc E9-2488
DOCID:  fr04fe09-106
DOCUMENT SUMMARY:  [[Page 6115]]
Presidential Determination No. 2009-15 of January 27, 2009
Unexpected Urgent Refugee and Migration Needs Related To Gaza Memorandum for the Secretary of State
By the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, including section 2(c)(1) of the Migration and Refugee Assistance Act of 1962 (the "Act"), as amended (22 U.S.C. 2601), I hereby determine, pursuant to section 2(c)(1) of the Act, that it is important to the national interest to furnish assistance under the Act in an amount not to exceed $20.3 million from the United States Emergency Refugee and Migration Assistance Fund for the purpose of meeting unexpected and urgent refugee and migration needs, including by contributions to international, governmental, and nongovernmental organizations and payment of administrative expenses of Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration of the Department of State, related to humanitarian needs of Palestinian refugees and conflict victims in Gaza.
You are authorized and directed to publish this memorandum in the Federal Register.
(Presidential Sig.)
Washington, January 27, 2009
[FR Doc. E9-2488
Filed 2-3-09; 8:45 am]
Billing code 4710-10-P

Consider the actions, including executive orders, traditional appointments, creation of czar powers, and legislation that BO is responsible for that are visible to the American people. Consider what actions BO is taking that so far are invisible to the American people.


BO Boots Churchill
In his first days as president, BO ordered that Winston Churchill's bust be removed from the Oval Office and shipped back to England.

England had loaned the Churchill bust to America immediately following September 11, 2001.

BO knew that he would feel diminished and humiliated working in front of such a highly principled, stoic, tough, true leader as Churchill.  BO cannot tolerate Churchill's stare as he attempts to dismantle and destroy America.  Even with his limited knowledge of world and American history, human motivations, and his own deceitful character, BO understands that he can never measure up to Winston Churchill.



The Ultimate Question
A stock was up today. A stock was down today. A stock was unchanged today.
Each day the market reports each stock's price has changed. It is either up, down, or unchanged. These reports are rarely if ever considered anything other than simply factual. These reports are accepted without question as absolute fact.  Learn the Ultimate Question here.


Consider This
In the United States, from 1978 through 2008, manufacturing declined from 21.3% to 11.5% of GDP.
That is, today less than 1/8 of all US economic output consists of tangible goods.
This trend shows no sign of reversing.
If this trend continues, soon the US will produce little other than government services in the form of entitlements and routine obligations provided to the less-productive among us.
How much more of your income can you afford to pay to support your growing government?


Read The Bill
"The legislature finds that there is a compelling interest in the cooperative enforcement of federal immigration laws throughout all of Arizona. The legislature declares that the intent of this act is to make attrition through enforcement the public policy of all state and local government agencies in Arizona. The provisions of this act are intended to work together to discourage and deter the unlawful entry and presence of aliens and economic activity by persons unlawfully present in the United States."     Read & Learn here: Arizona SB1070


Alinsky's Failure
Alinsky failed to teach his followers how to assemble and govern after they took control.
The BO-ists are flailing and revealing themselves though repetitious nonsense blaming exogenous forces. All the while time passes and leaves them with no operational plan.
Only Asian nations composed of large masses of people can make Communism or socialism appear to work in the intermediate term. That is because only in Asia are there hard working, intelligent masses of obedient and subservient people, many of whom work as entrepreneurial capitalists.


Driving Amongst You Jerks
Nowadays, during every minute of a drive anywhere, the driver and any passengers must be watching and fully alert for any and all other drivers to do something stupid.
In the good old days just a few decades ago....
Go on, you in such a hurry. Accelerate through that red light, run that stop sign, speed along that quiet street and you may receive the pain or death you so richly deserve. Do you think you may be late in arriving at your destination for your trivial event then?
Vengeance Of The Unbounded Juvenile
BO cheated and lied in order to force passage of a law now forever on the books of the United States of America.
This law, known as Obamacare so as to forever christen it as his and his gift to Americans, dismantles the world's premiere health care system.
It then reassembles America's healthcare resources into the form of a repeatedly failed model -- that of socialized medicine.
Consider yourself becoming ill.



Obama's School Grades No Longer Matter
BO, we no longer want to know your school grades.  We no longer need to see them to evaluate you.  You openly demonstrate daily that you are not smart and certainly not wise.
You wonder how we know this?  It is as simple as everything else about you:  No smart, wise, or pragmatic person could be entrusted by Americans to be their President, yet work, as you said, "... to fundamentally change the United States of America".
Were you wise, you could now strive to emulate George Washington's greatness, but you instead choose to dismantle and destroy all that he and other great Americans built.
No, BO, you are not smart.  You will never wise up.  You are incapable of learning about America and Americans even knowing all our top secret information and viewing us from the high perch we placed you upon.
You and your associates have so misunderstood Americans that you underestimated our resilience, fortitude, guts, and especially, our deep devotion to, and our cherishing of, the United States of America.
No, BO, you will not succeed in fundamentally changing our America.
However, you will succeed in exposing yourself and your communist, fascist, racist associates.  You will succeed in displaying what many of your radical associates saw in you when they selected you to be their face of radicalism.  Back when you were sitting on Frank Marshall Davis' knee in the later 1970s, and when you made your deal with Bill Ayers in the mid-1980s, they -- and now many Americans -- perceive and understand the confused, not-really-smart juvenile that you are.
Each of those malevolent trespassers upon America understood your psychological neediness, naive gullibility, and readiness to serve as the face of their malevolent causes -- those causes that they could never successfully foist upon Americans without you.
You fooled enough of us once, but you can't fool enough of us again.


American Leadership
Three lost, overly-empowered, foolish juveniles dismantling institutions they know nothing about being led by the one who is most angry, vengeful, and determined to bring down America.


Before The Beginning
In 2007, Bill Ayers' wife, Bernardine Dohrn, 1960s member of the terrorist Weather Underground group, now law professor at Northwestern University, announced that their goal is to take control of America and "dismantle capitalism, that evil thing".
BO's campaign for the US Presidency was officially kicked off in the Hyde Park home of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn.
Is it any wonder that capitalism is now under assault?


Losing Until Lost
As long as Americans continue to battle faction by faction amongst themselves, arguing over who has rights, who should pay for whom, and whose feelings were hurt over some idiot's comment, glance, or name calling, America will continue to decline.

There will be nowhere for Americans to hide because America will have declined beyond a recoverable point. America's economy, living standards, personal safety, and its citizen's ability to make progress and earn a good living on their own will be less than today.
Americans will cower and cringe in securitized homes in decaying cities and suburbs, live lives filled with anxiety and uncertainty, work in unstable and unpredictable businesses.
Americans, to see your future, consider the actions of your US Congress. Picture the lines of impotent, innocent travelers wasting time waiting to be searched at airports. Consider the abandoned, decayed, dirtied cities with their drug cultures of no work and handouts. Search your workplace for a cooperative, competent worker.
Destructive trends are in place.


Obamacare, Doctors & The Hippocratic Oath
Obama’s Budget Director, Peter Orszag, admitted one month after Obamacare became law that a "powerful Rationing Panel (Not Doctors) will control health care levels". This non-doctor panel known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board has the power to deny or allow medical procedures, allocate medical resources, and control the use of the American health care system.


Have you noticed...
...That you just don't feel as good, don't enjoy yourself, and don't look forward to tomorrow as much as you used to?
It's almost as though you won't be allowed to celebrate your birthday, you won't be allowed to enjoy that new car you just bought, your best friend just learned he has cancer....
Does your whole world stink of BO?


The End Of Pessimism
Traditional American optimism is being destroyed and replaced with pessimism.
Pessimism will not stand in America.
Pessimism is not fun, is uncomfortable, and inhibits productivity. Americans do not like that. Americans want to be happy and productive. Americans are beginning to resist the negative forces being imposed upon them because they are intrinsically optimistic.
No one knows how the negative forces will be defeated, but they will be defeated. Americans will be better for having gone through this exercise.
And, following this exercise, to be known as the Greatest Civics Lesson In History, Americans will appreciate America and all that they were handed so easily.


This can happen anywhere in America. It can happen to your own home town. Read what happened in California.


The Boston Tea Party Was Not A Party
The Boston Tea Party was a statement against over taxation. It announced to Americans then king, the King of England, that they were over-taxed and would not accept it any longer.
On December 16, 1773, Americans demanded that British officials in Boston return three shiploads of over-taxed tea to Britain. The British officials refused. A group of colonists boarded the ships and destroyed the tea and throwing it into Boston Harbor. The incident was a watershed event in American history.


You Cannot Take Anymore
The day will arrive when the United States of America has no more that even today's vastly overly-empowered unworthy, self-entitled takers can take.
You may denounce, vilify, shout, and flail your arms in frenzied disdain at living and dead white European males, but who designed, built, and continually improves Western Civilization?
Will we sit idle whimpering while empowered thugs dismantle capitalism, diminish our rights, and redistribute our earnings to those who have little skill, care not for work, and understand no tradition beyond their contrived pseudo-heritage of abusing each other?


BO is black. He went on the 2010 US Census record officially. BO is black.


Obamacare, Doctors & The Hippocratic Oath
Obama’s Budget Director, Peter Orszag, admitted one month after Obamacare became law that a "powerful Rationing Panel (Not Doctors) will control health care levels". This non-doctor panel known as the Independent Payment Advisory Board has the power to deny or allow medical procedures, allocate medical resources, and control the use of the American health care system.



The GM corporate headquarters building stands precariously poised over other once-productive structures of Detroit. Decades ago the brick factory buildings in the foreground were as meaningful as the GM building down the street was years ago.



My Last Trip To McDonalds
No, I did not actually trip and it was not my last visit to McDonalds. There is no way I will stop enjoying those fantastic double cheeseburgers, really great tasting fish sandwiches, and super-duper egg McMuffins.
But today, just as I have several times over recent years, when ordering I felt compelled to make a recommendation in a soft-spoken, non-embarrassing manner to the Hispanic person "serving". I suggested that she speak English rather than Spanish.
Usually when I have done this I include some comments alluding to the noteworthy point that English is the language of Shakespeare, Newton, and NASA. Even Einstein learned English amidst his revelations about atoms and the universe.
However, the only English spoken from behind the counter was, "I ain't seen him". To her credit, my order-taker did say, "$24.53" and "Thank you".
Some minutes later I was handed a bag. I then did what I have learned to do in these situations. I proceeded to inventory all items in the bag to be certain that I received the eight (ocho) egg McMuffins as specified in my order -- the order I placed in English.
I noticed that five of the ocho were merely partially wrapped; that is, unwrapped in the English sense. This sloppiness left them uncovered and bumping into each other nakedly! I asked to speak with the manager who happened to be twenty feet away eating her very own egg McMuffin. She was apologetic and immediately started yelling to the staff something about something. I was not able to understand any of what she said since she was shouting in Spanish.
The world is a little better off for my having visited McDonalds today.
As I drove home looking forward to enjoying my excellent breakfast, I pondered an important fact. That is, to apply the only lesson needed to understand people in these situations. To learn what they are capable of achieving, simply look to their homeland, its conditions, and prosperity level.
Many people today have the initiative to get up and out and leave for America. However, they remain ignorant, lazy, and passively plan to stay that way, even though they reached America's shores. They implicitly feel that they crossed the finish line and have completed their journey. They give little thought to upgrading themselves. If that were not true, why wouldn't they continually practice speaking English like Shakespeare, Newton, Einstein, and the millions of other wildly successfully immigrants before them?
I recall the days when people came to America, very quickly learned correct English with no accent, sent their kids to school, and thanked God for the opportunity to live in America.


Be Proud. You Are Strong.

Never Despair, American Warriors

You have earned the pride that you should have in yourself. You have demonstrated your courage and strength.

The year 2009 was the most deadly for members of America's military forces since the government began tallying military suicides in 1980. America's warriors are killing themselves in record numbers:

301 US warriors committed suicide in 2009.


Attention, America's warriors: You have no cause to despair. You have cause to be proud of yourself, your service, and your America. Pause to consider.
As you pause, consider your service. Do not demean your good fight against evil. You have defended your country. You have exhibited stoic strength, honor, and faith in your nation. Consider the nature of people.

When, by a chance of our time's politics and culture, deplorable fringe elements conspire to dishearten honorable warriors, those warriors must apply lessons learned in battle. Warriors should consider why they went to war, why they endured enemy action, why they have earned the right to return home to the safe and secure Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. All of that applies to you because you fought to keep the United States of America safe and secure.

The United States of America is safer, stronger, and more secure due to your sacrifices. Today's warriors are earning through their investment of all that any American has -- his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. We each have freedom, safety, and Constitutionally-guaranteed inalienable rights.  However these rights are only as solidly guaranteed as is our nation strong.
Today's warriors are ensuring and preserving the enduring strength of the United States of America.
America's domestic enemies want to break your confidence. They work to demean your accomplishments. America's domestic enemies want to diminish your efforts.
Today American warriors should comprehend that there has come about a set of circumstances that granted a fringe from America's domestic enemies and traitors control of her government. This condition is being largely resisted by Americans using America's strength and her potent tool -- The US Constitution and the people's rights guaranteed therein. America's domestic enemies will not succeed over the long term. Their attempted fundamental transformation of the United States of America into a socialistic command system will fail.
No soldier, sailor, Marine, Coast Guard, Special Ops, Air Force, silent fighter, or other American warrior should despair when he witnesses domestic enemies attempting to deceive the mass of our civilian citizens into surrendering the rights and liberty that you have sacrificed to ensure.

American warriors should be confident that freedom must be tenaciously fought for -- sometimes on foreign soil and, strangely enough, today on American soil.
Each American warrior should for his own sense of justice comprehend that the vast majority of Americans rally -- although often too quietly -- behind them rather than standing tall with them. But America's warriors should never despair. They continue to be essential and will continue to wage the honorable fight in foreign lands and on American soil defending America and Americans' rights, liberty, and safety.

America needs her warriors to continue defending and securing America from foreign dangers and from domestic spoilers. America needs all of her warriors to return home and continue to serve America by serving themselves a grand portion of the free life they fought to preserve.
America cannot afford to lose even one of her warriors directly in battle or to the sometimes-natural despair that befalls individual warriors.
America's warriors must fight and defend themselves from defeatism engendered by overly empowered despicable, deplorable domestic forces of evil that deceitfully endeavor to undermine the good these warriors have accomplished. You, American warriors, are the very special Americans who had the courage, conviction, and conscience to sacrifice for the America you know to be worthy of your sacrifice.
Hold on tight to America. Americans are holding on tightly to you in your time of trial.


The Tool Who Can Never Be King
Once upon a time there was a lost, angry little boy unprince. He was selected by Dark Force to become its tool in its takeover of the Land Of Good. The Dark Force selected the little boy unprince for his malleable, naive, malevolent, vengeful, angry motivating perspective. However, it selected him because they recognized that his weak character would allow the Dark Force to control him. The Dark Force planned to deceive and overpower the Good people whose forefathers had bestowed permanent prosperity upon the Land Of Good.

Learn more of the little boy unprince.


John Galt Is On Strike
Industrial production in the United States declined by 1% during 2009. This was the largest decline since the government started tracking this data in 1967.
This statistic proves that businesses and investors are reluctant to build plant and equipment, invest in general, and will continue to reduce hiring. Businesses and investors are reacting to the US government's plans to increase taxes, accumulate untenable deficits, spend borrowed and printed money, and restructure the US economy, including the one-sixth that is the health care sector.
This reluctance is nothing less than business and investment people going on strike.
Take that you union bosses, you government administrators, and you socialists in the Obama administration!


The Plan... Now do you get it?


Then Over There. Now Over Here.
Attention all you anti-American Americans, you haters of the United States of America, you socialists, you fascists, you who fail to have the guts to attempt to make it in a fair, competitive capitalistic economic environment wherein your skills and fortitude will be tested....  Attention you who undermine America and abuse its goodness, generosity, intellectual and economic accomplishments....  Attention you traitorous weaklings....
You have had the privilege to be born or somehow due to the open generosity of America, assumed the rights and privileges of citizenship.  You have endeavored to abuse the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and educational and political system to get far enough along in society, to develop physically strong enough, to gain enough status, to use your rights and acquired resources from the USA to now be empowered to attempt the undermining of the USA.
You can only fail in your damaging, destructive wishes and efforts for the United States of America.
Any damage you inflict will result in there being less for you and others like you to take -- steal, that is -- from America and the good and generous Americans who worked to build the resources available for you.  We have overlooked and tolerated your traitorous behavior for too long.
When today's Great Civil War is ended the United States of America will be cleansed of your sort of traitors.  Certainly all good, decent Americans, operating in our optimism, expect and know that you will lose.
If by chance, in our American decency, we fail to muster enough venom to defeat you traitorous sorts, you will be left a nation that is not a nation.  You will fight on amongst yourselves for diminishing resources.  You will live amongst nasty co-conspirators, jealous cohorts, envious friends, and others who would never want to operate with you according to rules of decency, fairness, and open opportunity.  You will live amongst only those who will never give you the opportunities that the USA made available too freely and readily for your consumption.
When Irving Berlin wrote the song "Over There", when the Japanese sneak-attacked Pearl Harbor, when maniacal fanatics attempted to damage America on 9/11, worthy Americans stood up and rallied. True Americans rallied and banded together in traditional American team spirit to defeat the dark forces of imperialism, despotism, and destructive ideology.
Worthy Americans continue to stand up and rally on the American Team.  We rally against those would-be foreign destroyers and you would-be domestic destroyers.
You cannot win America from Americans.  Your efforts will end in your own destruction because you are losers, you are not team players, and you will eventually rot among yourselves into a poverty of moral and ethical destitution.
We true Americans who remain true to our Constitution and successful heritage will survive to live, make progress, and prosper...  and attain genuine happiness.


Pumpkin Stuff Shortage
The Nestle company manufacturers most of the canned pumpkin product sold in America. It markets these products under the brand name Libby.
Nestle's Libby announced that there may not be an adequate supply of canned pumpkin product for the 2009 holiday season. Libby stated that its production of canned pumpkin products may be sold out before the end of the holiday season.
This is one of the first shortages in food products to hit the United States since World War II. It will not be an anomaly.
Americans should expect more shortages because manufacturers are conserving resources -- that is, cutting back on production.
Americans should expect additional shortages in many product lines and in various other manufactured and processed goods.
Manufacturers will continue to scale back production, consumers will continue to buy less, and the downward economic spiral will proceed.
This sort of downward spiral in production is a result of increased taxation on businesses during recessions as exist today. Increased taxes force businesses to reduce labor costs. Businesses reduce labor costs by laying off employees. When people lose jobs, they have reduced or no income. That results in consumers' increasing inability to buy products and services. When consumers buy less, businesses lay off additional workers because they are producing products and services that consumers cannot not buy. This cycle results in less employment and fewer consumer products and services.
Amidst the coming shortages, people will long for the gasoline lines of 1973 and 1974.


Apparent For Over Thirty Years
There will come a day when even the United States of America has no more to give.
The day will arrive when the United States of America has no more than even today's vastly overly-empowered unworthy, self-entitled takers can take.
There will come a time when there is no more remaining to take, steal, or demand.

Now we know the exact date.

You may denounce, vilify, shout, and flail your arms in frenzied disdain at living and dead white European males, but who designed, built, and continually improves Western Civilization?
And when others demanded and were ceded control, what happened? Yes, they dirtied and ruined whatever they were handed.

Let us hope that America can recover from its effeminate, nihilistic, weakened condition.


Workers of the world unite!
Karl Marx laid out the plan. Obama plans to implement it.
Why would the Obama administration terminate sale of a major GM asset, thereby depriving this cash-starved company of money it so desperately needs?
To understand why requires an understanding of Obama's plan. His plan makes it necessary that -- as stated by Karl Marx in 1848 -- the proletariats take control of the means of production.


What Is A Win In Afghanistan?
Has anyone -- politicians, generals, pundits -- paused to define what it actually means to "Win In Afghanistan"? Has anyone put together a brief business-plan approach that identifies "Win" before attempting to make strategic and tactical decisions regarding Afghanistan?
The only way to win is to first define win, devise a plan to reasonably assure our win, and correctly implement that plan to win.


America's Second Civil War -- The Civil War To Regain Individual Rights & Liberty
The USA is in the midst of its Second Civil War.
This war may appear civil. But it is divisive and real, and it is not civil. If men and boys were dying by the thousands in American towns and cities, if generals were explaining battle plans, if tanks were in the streets, more Americans would comprehend that America is immersed in its Second Civil War, an uncivil civil war.
This civil war may not appear to be war. It may appear to be little more than the daily shouting matches on radio and TV containing endless streams of stammering, hand-waving juveniles pretending to be journalists. This is the publicly visible portion of America's Second Civil War.
America's Second Civil War is more destructive and deadly than its 19th century civil war.

America's Second Civil War is being fought by a radical left that has prepared for and trained its army of lazy, poorly-educated underachievers for five decades.
America's Second Civil War had been passively observed by the rest of America, whose philosophy is independence and liberty with civility. This philosophy acts as an inhibiting force preventing active retaliation against the radical left.
That is, until in 2009, when the new American president pushed too far and too hard in an attempt to change America into a bankrupted nation so that he could realize his vengeful socialist statist dream.
After several months of Obama's presidency, independently minded, decent, ethical, hard working Americans from across the political spectrum began to comprehend the true meaning of Obama change.  People everywhere see Obama's now-homely, non-smiley face everyday demanding their surrender so he can change America into his socialist dream. When decent Americans perceived that their new president's change would result in the bankrupting of America followed by redistribution of wealth from America's successful earning group to the less-successful and least worthy underachiever group, genuine Americans joined the struggle to save and protect America.

In mid-2009, it became apparent that defending the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights, the principles outlined in the Declaration of Independence, and all that allowed Americans to build the most successful nation in history would require going beyond rhetorical use of these documents' principles.
In mid-2009 Americans began to stand up and actively defend America from socialism, Marxism, and fascistic government tactics and takeover.
Americans are awakening to wage their Great Civil War. Americans are comprehending that they must save, protect, defend, and re-implement the US Constitution and America's founding principles of individual rights and liberty in order to put America back on its productive path.
To do any less than actively defend the US Constitution would prove that elitist radicals are correct when they laugh, despise and show disdain for America and most Americans.
To do any less would prove that Americans are no longer Americans. To do any less would demonstrate that today's Americans would succumb to the always failed policies of socialism and thieving redistribution promoted by the elitist socialists now controlling the federal government.
Amidst their narcissistic, constrained-eating, must-exercise, self-involved, nihilistic lifestyle, Americans are awakening to realize that it has always been their Constitutionally-guaranteed individual rights, those now being eroded, that have permitted even this aberrant behavior.
Americans finally comprehend that they must react and resist radicalism. Americans are waging their Great Civil War.


The US Constitution, The US Presidency, & A Man
The President Of The United States is empowered by the United States Constitution.
Without the US Constitution no man can enjoy the powers and privileges of the office. Those powers and privileges would no longer exist.
When a US President ignores US Constitutional procedures, when he disregards US Constitutional limits, when he works to undermine the fundamental intent and precepts of the US Constitution, he breaks his oath of office.
When a US President undermines the US Constitution, the office is undermined, the People are undermined, and the man himself is undermined.
When the president undermines himself, as well as the office he holds, he is no longer worthy of Americans' respect.

The US Constitution guarantees each legitimate US citizen rights and liberty.
Are Americans to show respect for a man who undermines the rights and liberty guaranteed by the US Constitution?
Is it wrong or correct for Americans to defend their Constitution from anyone -- even a sitting president himself -- who is undermining the US Constitution? Is it wrong or correct for Americans to defend the US Constitution even when their president -- who has sworn to uphold the Constitution -- undermines, disregards,and demonstrates disdain for it?
Are Americans to show respect for a man who is undermining their rights, liberty, and Constitutional guarantees?
When a US president undermines the foundation of his empowerment, he is dismantling the substance of The United States Of America.
The US Constitution has served and provided well for Americans since its inception. Today the US Constitution needs Americans' help. The US Constitution is under assault. Are there Americans of character who will defend the US constitution?
Or, will Americans, in their too-easily-gained freedom, in their flabby, apathetic, oh-so-comfortable, lazy nihilism sit by and allow their Constitution to be usurped, ignored and dismantled?


Why Are You An American?
Why did you, your parents, your grandparents, or other ancestor come to America?
Did you or they hope to find prosperity, religious freedom, peace and safety, individual rights, and career opportunities? Surely you and they understood that America is the Land Of Opportunity & Freedom.
Bingo! You were given all of these wonderful possibilities by America!

Why would you want to have the government change America into a nation lacking freedom and individual liberties? Why would you want the government to change the Land Of Opportunity into the land of the poor waiting to be handed its daily allowance? Why would you want to change America into a nation like the one you or your ancestors left?
Why would you want the government to control America's economy, health care, cultural choices, and dictate what you can and cannot do, and other aspects such as what health care benefits you are allowed to receive?
If you are an able-bodied American reading this, you have little reason to complain about America. You may just need to get up and get a job. Then, if you have the skill and work hard, you may achieve much for yourself.
The government cannot give you anything nearly as wonderful as what you can earn for yourself.


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